Admissions Hits the Road

© UMBC Creative ServicesAs May 1 approaches at a creeping pace, newly admitted students have been visiting UMBC’s campus to meet with faculty and staff, check out the dorms and facilities, and ask us lots of great questions.  We’re always excited to talk to students and help them decide what college or university is best for them.

For a slight change of pace, instead of hosting events here on campus, we’re taking the show on the road next week!  Representatives from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions & Orientation, the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships, the Honors College, and Residential Life will host events in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.  You can find out more about these events and sign up to attend here.

We hope to see you there!


Hello Everyone,

My name is Jason Scroggins and I am the newest addition to the team of admissions counselors at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. I would like to take this time to tell you just a little bit about me, that you may get to know me a little better. I am from the greatest city in the United States: Baltimore. I grew up in Northwest Baltimore area and attended the Boy’s Latin School of Maryland. I then went on to complete my undergraduate study at Stevenson University, where I earned  my B.S. in Business Communication in May of 2013. I thoroughly enjoyed my undergraduate experience at Stevenson because I was involved in so many different activities and clubs. I was the President of the Public Relations Club, the Black Student Union, and M.I.L.E. (Male Initiative for Leadership and Success). I was also a member of the Men’s Basketball and Cross Country teams. In addition, I was a student ambassador, summer resident advisor, and an FCA (Fellowship of Christian Atheltes) member. My best experiences during college were the different internships that I was able to complete. My freshman year of college, I was a student intern for the Baltimore City Public School System in the information technology department. My sophomore year I was a Online Marketing Intern for an IT staffing agency called Allegis Group Services. My Junior year I was a Marketing Intern at the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. The summer after graduating from college, I lived in New Orleans, Louisiana, where I worked as an Intern at Dillard University in their admissions department. I learned a lot from the many different internship experiences that I had and I was able to make indispensable connections while building strong friendships. I began working at UMBC in the beginning of January and thus far it has been nothing short of a great experience. In just three short months, I have been able to do a lot of things and learn a lot from my collegues as well. I spent all of last week in Upstate New York doing college fairs and recruiting students. More specifically, I visited the cities of Rochester, Syracuse, Ithica, and I will be visiting the cities of Hartford (Connecticut), and New York City next week.


All in all, I have been enjoying my chance to be a part of the UMBC community and I look forward to meeting many of you!

Kind Regards,




Getting to know UMBC before May 1st!

From staff out on the road kicking off spring recruitment season, to our events team preparing for tonight’s Baltimore Reception, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and Orientation is buzzing with activity today! For those admitted students and families from Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Cecil, Harford, and Howard counties: we are excited to welcome you to an evening where you can hear from UMBC’s President Dr. Hrabowski and enjoy conversation with faculty and staff, all while enjoying delicious desserts!

For those who have recently been admitted, please keep an eye out in the mail and in your e-mail for upcoming events that will allow you to get to know UMBC on a personal level before May 1st. One such event, which is bringing an array of our campus community together for YOU, is our New Student Day program on Saturday, April 12th! New students and their families who attend will enjoy chatting with our student clubs and organizations in the morning before listening to our very own performing groups and Dr. Hrawbowski’s address. The rest of the day with consist of special presentations on topics of interest, including: campus connections, getting started, UMBC and beyond.

So, whether it’s at one of our campus events, out in the community, or even in another state; UMBC is welcoming our new students and their families from near and far! We hope that you will take the opportunity to get to know why our campus is so special!

Class of 2017- Welcome to Facebook!

Your admissions packet has arrived in the mail and you are on your way to becoming a member of the UMBC Class of 2017- Whats next? Besides making plans to attend New Student Day on April 13th (see Hollin’s spectacular post below), you should take the first step in connecting with your future classmates on our Class of 2017 Facebook page!


Meet new friends from far away or close to home, find your future roommate and tell us why you are looking forward to coming to UMBC in the fall! Also check out the” Meet and Greet” section of the page. There have been a lot of great conversations in this thread so far and we hope to see more soon.

You can also use this page as a resource for any important updates from the Office of Admissions and Orientation in addition to the other offices on campus. Check out Laila’s post for information on the College Success Institute-a six week long summer program that allows first-year students the chance to experience life at UMBC prior to the fall semester.

For all of you social media enthusiasts out there- Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @UMBCadmissions and say hi to Josh!

As a self-proclaimed Facebook and Twitter addict I have learned that these resources can be used for more than just fun.  I even met my current roommate Tina and her adorable dog Roofus through a mutual friend on Facebook!



I hope all of you find similar success as you begin to connect with other members of the class of 2017!




A UMBC Student’s Dare

This afternoon, I left the office to venture out into the cold.  I was heading over to the AOK Library to pick up a book I ordered about a week ago. (Super quick turn around time!)  On my way out, I hear a male and female voice in conversation.  They were close enough it wasn’t technically eavesdropping, right?  See it as you may, I heard the male voice saying, “O.K., I am going to dare you…”  Oh man, where is this going.  He continues, “…to make eye contact with someone and smile. Seriously. It makes my day every time!”

That put the biggest grin on my face.  UMBC students.  What do they dare each other to do?  Smile.  I love this place.

So, I dare you.  Next time you make eye contact with someone, smile.  It just might make your day.


UMBC Caters To Their Students

ALL Students Should Be Able To Eat and Be Happy!

Today, I was very happily surprised.  I am allergic to milk (milk protein – WHEY), so I sometimes run into trouble when it comes to finding a meal that doesn’t have milk hidden in it. (I end up feeling awful.)  If you don’t already know, you’d be surprised by the number of products that contain milk.  Anyhow, at lunch time I was walking around The Commons (where a variety of food venders can be found) looking for a bite to eat.  I passed by the vegetarian counter and came to discover that they are now completely vegan!  This may mean nothing to you, but to me, it means no milk products and a place I know I can go to buy a meal that will not make me sick!  In my world, that is cause for celebration.

UMBC is very aware of the variety of allergies and beliefs out there, so they do their best to cater to all of our students.  If you go to their website, you will even see that one of their logos is “You First”.  Not only do they have vegetarian and vegan options, but they also  have gluten-free and kosher choices!

And let us not forget the popular chains that are represented on campus.  These are staples to many college students’ diets: Chick-Fil-A, Starbucks, Au Bon Pain, Subway, etc.

When UMBC says that they are focused on their students, they are not kidding around.  From small class sizes, to amazing resources, to food options, UMBC is constantly figuring out how they can *cater to their student population the best!

*pun intended ;)

Start Fresh!

Returning back to school after the long winter break certainly has it’s perks! Not only is your brain fresh, but so is that new sweater you got over the holidays. You know, that one you ironed and layed out the night before your first class! Okay, so maybe that was more of a middle/high school thing, but regardless–it’s a fresh start!

This semester begins a new turn for my academic career as well; graduate school. As with most beginnings, there is anxiousness, excitement, and a looooong unforeseen road ahead. That twenty page paper is SO far away, right? Well, as most of us know, going to school isn’t the only thing on our plates. We have work, family, friends, our health, bills, and the list goes on. I’m starting small and getting my calendar organized. Setting my own deadlines and my own goals in hopes that I can stamp out that lingering urge to procrastinate. I’m planning to be successful in this juggling act!

For new and returning students, take this opportunity to set goals for yourself. What would you like to accomplish this semester? Maybe it’s an academic goal, or maybe you want to finally make it to that yoga class in the RAC (yes, this is something that is continuously on my ‘to do list’). Maybe it’s amping up that resume? Check out the Shriver Center and get yourself involved in something outside of campus–make new connections and start networking.

So here we go, let’s do it together! Set those goals and get yourself moving, it’s like New Years all over again. Make this semester count!

-Hollin Roberts

Deadline Time!

This first month of 2013 is flying by! If you are like me its easy to get wrapped up in all that January has to offer. With UMBC Spring Orientation, the return of The Bachelor on ABC,  and some of the best playoff football games in the history of the NFL  to watch on TV, I was nearly in shock when I realized that UMBC’s  APPLICATION DEADLINE IS ONLY TWO WEEKS AWAY!!!

Yes, it’s true February 1st will be here before we know it.  Here are a few things you may want to add to your to-do list before that deadline passes!

1)     Pay a friendly visit to your account on Common App. Make sure that your application, supplement, and application fee have all been submitted. It can never hurt to double check the simple stuff!

2)     Log in to your myUMBC account to make sure all items in your checklist are complete. If something is missing, give us a call, send us an email, or drop by the office so that we can help you in completing your application.

3)     Get a head start on the financial aid process. Your FAFSA may not be due until February 14th but why not save yourself some trouble and finish the process early. Have questions about financial aid at UMBC? Check our Financial Aid and Scholarships website  here!

4)     Thank your teachers, guidance counselors and support system who have helped you with the application process this year. Applying to college is a team effort. Give the members of your team a big hug and let them know much you have appreciated their help!

5)     Breathe. The hard part is over. With all of your applications submitted and complete you can finally relax! Use the added free time to enjoy your last few months of being a senior in high school. Attend a sporting event, hang out with friends, join a new club. Make yourself a mini-bucket list of all of your must-do’s before you graduate!

Are you new to town? Spring 2013!

Hello future UMBC students!

For those of you who have applied for Spring 2013, the Admissions Office is working hard to get those decisions out to you. Make sure you are all checking in with your myUMBC account to make sure we have final grades and all other materials necessary to review your application. Orientation is well under way, so if you have been accepted, get into your myUMBC account and sign up!

Every semester, UMBC makes sure students are warmly welcomed and given ample opportunity to GET INVOLVED! Do you perform? Do you like to laugh? Enjoy watching the Superbowl? Want to sign up for a club? Well, UMBC has a whole week of fun events to attend– everything from Involvement Fest (over 250 clubs at UMBC, come and meet them!) to Comedy night (with the stars of Reno 911!). Don’t miss out!  Find the full schedule of events here here:

Whether you grab a friend or you meet new friends here, it is a great chance for students to become an integral part of this vibrant community. Happy Welcome Week!



Early Action applicants, what does it all mean?

As many of you have figured out, either through social media or because you actually received a decision letter, our Fall 2013 Early Action decision letters were recently sent. If you’ve not yet received a letter, don’t panic. You should check your myUMBC account to make sure that your application is complete. If your application is complete and you’ve not yet received a letter just allow the mail person a little time to deliver your letter. Since we use old-school snail mail we cannot guarantee that everyone will get their letter on the same day, but you can expect something soon.

What does my decision mean?

Admit: Well, this one is pretty obvious, but nonetheless, congrats! Take some time to feel good about your accomplishment and share the news with family. If you were offered admission during Early Action you received an admissions packet with a bunch of information on next steps. Our enrollment deadline is not until May 1 but make sure you read through your entire admit packet. During January our Scholarships Office will begin sending merit-based scholarship offers to qualified candidates, and make sure that you also work on your FAFSA. If you have any questions about admission to UMBC and next steps please let us know.

Deferral to Regular Decision: This is the decision letter that prompts the most questions. What is important to know about UMBC’s Early Action program is that it is more competitive than Regular Decision and we actually accept a smaller percentage of students during Early Action. A deferral to Regular Decision is not a “no” decision. Our Early Action criteria is strict so if you happen to have been deferred to Regular Decision just keep in mind that your application will be reviewed again. Early Action applicants who were deferred to Regular Decision do not need to send any additional items for their application (unless we contact you to specifically ask for something). When I’m on high school visits in the fall I always tell students to not be discouraged if they are deferred to Regular Decision; our Early Action program is simply more competitive than Regular Decision. If your application was deferred you’ll receive another decision letter toward late-February.

Once again, congratulations to our Early Action admits for the Fall 2013 semester! For deferred students, just keep in mind that we’ll still be making many more offers of admission to UMBC for the fall term. Take a deep breath, relax and enjoy your holiday break! As always, let us know if you have questions.