We’re back!

Hello all!

We are happy to announce that we are back to our normal business hours! Although the University is open, the first day of classes will be tomorrow, Thursday, January 28th.

I hope everyone stayed safe and warm was able to catch up on work, shows, and much needed sleep!

…and of course, play in the snow! Here’s a picture of my puppy super annoyed because I kept taking pictures instead of letting him play.



I’d also like to remind everyone that our Regular Decision deadline is February 1st! That is this coming Monday! Make sure you are logging into your myUMBC account to make sure we have all of your application materials.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out! Our office is open Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Take care,

Gaby :)


It’s Going to Snow!

Hey Retrievers and Future Retrievers!

So if you haven’t heard, it’s going to snow a lot. To make sure everyone stays safe, UMBC will be closing at 1 PM today (1/22). We will be closed on Saturday and Sunday and classes have been cancelled on Monday. That means our first day of Spring classes will be this Tuesday. For more information, stay tuned to http://www.umbc.edu.


Enjoy the snow!


UMBC Partners with Northrop Grumman and Baltimore City Public Schools

We interrupt your Regular Decision blog posts to bring you breaking news!

A little over a week ago, UMBC partnered with Northrop Grumman and Baltimore City Public Schools to launch a $1.6 million project to boost access to STEAM education. The project is slated to be developed in the Lakeland area in Southwest Baltimore. Many of you reading may be asking “What’s STEAM? I’ve heard of STEM. Did Ed make a typo?” No, I most certainly did not. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. This new state-of-the-art STEAM center will host many new facilities including a makerspace, a computer lab, science labratories, digital audio and video studios, meeting spaces, and a resource room.


The overall goal is to provide students, parents, and teachers access to resources that they need to be successful. There are other wonderful resources that will be provided by this new center. You can find out more here.

Who Loves Orientation…We Do!!!

Hello Retrievers,

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions is coming back in the full swing of things after the Holiday Break. Our next Winter Orientation is on Monday, January 11th! We can’t wait to see you there!

If you have been admitted for the Spring 2016 semester and have not registered for an Orientation program, make sure you do that as soon as possible. Programs are filling up, and we want to make sure that everyone can get registered for classes.

You may register for a Winter Orientation program here!

See you all soon!

Time to Celebrate!

Hello Again!

Can you believe there are only 8 days left in 2015?! I hope this year was full of wonderful experiences for you all. It’s that time to get together with our loved ones and enjoy all the wonderful holiday festivities! Take this time to relax and pat yourselves on the back for another year of hard work and accomplishments.


Since the holidays are soon approaching, our office will be closed from December 24th to January 3rd and will reopen on Monday, January 4th. We will answer any e-mails and other messages upon our return.

Happy Holidays from all of us at the Undergraduate Admissions Office!



…And for my fellow Marylanders, enjoy the 70 degrees on Christmas!


5 Things with Ed: Research Headlines From 2015

Hello once again future Retrievers! With 2016 fast approaching I wanted to take a look at some of the research headlines from 2015. We encourage all of our students to participate in research during their years at UMBC. Without any further ado, here are my top 5 research headlines from 2015.

  1. Cameras Flashing – In recent news, UMBC unveiled its brand newxlarge 3D scanning room that utilizes 90 cameras to take over 900 images of an object. These images are then used to create a three dimensional model. One of the coolest features of the scanning room? The subject can be stationary or mobile. Read more here.
  2. Breathing Easy – A team of UMBC researchers have been working on a new, wearable device to help monitor environmental asthma triggers. The new device is aimed towards aiding children who are working to manage their asthma and help them prevent future attacks, reducing anxiety. Read more here.
  3. Mind the Gap – Researchers struck a breakthrough with regards to cell development and signaling this past June. A team of mathematicians and biologists found that the three dimensional structure off egg cells played a very important role in cell to cell signaling and how cells mature and develop. The article, found here, goes further into depth on the impact it could have on other fields, like cancer treatment.
  4. A Galaxy Far, Far Away – Two UMBC researches, in collaboration with a larger team, examined the interaction between particles from a black hole in a nearby galaxy. The team used over 25 years of data from the Hubble Telescope . The behavior of this particular black hole was not described before and is helping to better understand the rare phenomenon. While the full article was published in Nature a brief update can be found here.


    I couldn’t resist a Star Wars reference here.

  5. Into the Fold – A team of UMBC researchers and students are working to better understand the packaging mechanism of HIV. This mechanism has eluded researchers for almost 30 years. The team is focusing on understanding a major mechanism that packages a folded protein before it is released to infect other cells. This new target holds promise for another method for antivirals to prevent and stop the infection’s spread. The article can be found here.

So there are five great highlights from UMBC’s research! On a side note to all of you students out there finishing up your semester, keep going and finish strong. Soon you get to relax and celebrate!


Last Star Wars gif, I swear.

Sealed and Ready To Go!

The moment you’ve all been waiting for has arrived!

*Drum Roll*


Letters have been released!


Photo Dec 16, 1 02 18 PM


I know you all worked very hard to submit applications and supporting documents by November 1st. Our admissions counseling staff has also been working diligently to read every completed application that was submitted. This year we had over 5,000 Early Action applications and we are so excited to finally send out decisions! We appreciate how patient you have been, I understand how nerve-wracking this time can be.


There are two possible decisions you can receive in the mail and I will expand on exactly what they mean:

  1. Early Action

YES! Congratulations! It is a wonderful experience to receive admission to a college or university, and even more exciting if this is your first decision letter.


Your admissions packet contains plenty of information about UMBC, Orientation, Student Life, and Living on Campus.  Once spring rolls around, we will be hosting various events, both on and off campus, for newly admitted students. Be on the look-out for those dates in the near future!

You will have until May 1st to submit your enrollment deposit so you have some time to decide on the best fit institution for you. Please contact our office if you have any questions in the meantime.

  1.  Deferred

For Early Action review, in addition to offers of admission, we send notifications that an application has been deferred to Regular Decision for further consideration. This does not mean you have not been admitted! If you receive a deferral letter, don’t be discouraged, our Early Action review is more competitive than Regular Decision. We will begin sending Regular Decision letters in late February. As always, feel free to contact our office if you have any questions!


Once again, thank you for all of your applications! We truly enjoyed reading them and getting to learn a little more about our future Retrievers!

We encourage you to share your excitement with family, friends, and on social media using our hashtag #UMBCadmit!



Spreading the Holiday Cheer!

Hello Future Retrievers!

With the Holiday season vastly approaching us, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions has caught the holiday spirit and bringing about cheer.  We recently had our Winter Celebration with all of Enrollment Management Department, and I even had the pleasure of being wrapped up in toilet paper by our very own Assistant Vice Provost of Undergraduate Admissions and Orientation, Dale Bittinger, and our Assistant Director of Target Populations, Lori Smith-Watson. It’s not what you think; we were the champions of building a snowman in 2 minutes! I provided the proof below!

  IMG_0212          IMG_6169

I’ve also had the pleasure of coordinating our Take UMBC Home for the Holidays program for its 9th year in a row! UMBC students are nominated by their departments, scholars programs, organizations and clubs, etc. to spread some Retriever Fever while at home for the holidays!  For all of my Future Retrievers, be on the lookout for some of our UMBC students to be coming to a high school near you in the next couple of months!!! At our last information session, Dale was able to snap a selfie with some of our participants. It was definitely a sight to see.


Remember that you are always welcome to register for a Black and Gold tour by clicking here, or stop by our office to speak with our On-Call Admissions Counselor. We are open Monday – Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm!

You can always stay up to date with the Office of Undergraduate Admissions by following us on our social media sites @UMBCadmissions!


5 Things With Ed: Winter Orientation

You were accepted for the Spring 2016 semester! We want to celebrate with you and start your career at UMBC off right!


There is still a lot to do before the Spring though! Let’s get a quick run down of Winter Orientation and what you have to do.

  1. Sign up for Winter Orientation! You can do so by clicking this link  and clicking on “Register for Winter Orientation.” Give us a call if you are having issues.
  2. Get familiar with campus! We have our wonderful Orientation Peer Advisors (OPAs) who will guide you through the transition to campus and life as a UMBC student.
  3. Sign up for classes! You will have a one on one advising appointment during your orientation day. Together, the two of you will collaboratively build your class schedule and set you on the path to success.
  4. Make some new friends. Everyone is coming to a new school, adjusting to a new campus, and it’s a major life change. You may just make a new best friend so make sure to introduce yourself to a lot of people!99cb0ec0-1a8f-0132-70f4-0add9426c766
  5. Rep the Retrievers! All students who attend Orientation receive a UMBC Fight Song T-shirt. If you want any other UMBC gear be sure to visit the bookstore!

That’s all for now! We can’t wait to see you at Orientation!

Where Are All of My Early Action Applicants?!

Hello Future Retrievers,

I know that a lot my high school seniors are anxious to know when you can officially call yourself a Retriever like our friend Kermit.

anxious gif

I am here to tell you not to stress! The Undergraduate Admissions Staff are hard at work reviewing applications.  We will be sending out decision letters by mid-to-late December, just before the holiday break.  Can you  believe we’re already in the month of December?! That means you have to be patient for just a few more weeks.

happy 2

I hope that I was able to ease your minds! Also, please make sure that you are monitoring your myUMBC account to make sure we have a completed application for you in our systems!

Remember to enjoy your senior year to the fullest without catching Senioritis!  The holiday season is right around the corner!!!


Christine :)