Since this is officially my first entry on this new blog I suppose I ought to begin with an introduction. My name is Laura and, in case you hadn’t gathered it from the title of this blog, I am an Admissions Counselor here at UMBC. Basically, my job consists of traveling in the fall to inform intelligent, witty young individuals (hopefully not unlike you prospective students out there who are reading this blog) about our fine institition, reading your applications (I’m envious that I never had the option of taking a television production class or a course in forensic science in high school), speaking with prospective students here on campus, and performing miscellaneous “other” duties (e.g., stuffing folders for the hundreds of Early Action applicants we’ll soon accept, assisting at UMBC’s Visit Days for prospective students and their families, emailing responses to those of you who write to, etc.).

So far, the job’s going quite well. Travel was exhausting, but fun for the most part (except when my car broke down right next to the UConn campus, for example). I very much enjoyed seeing Connecticut, a state I only visited briefly as a kid. I’m from Western New York state and therefore miss having a true fall season here in Maryland, so I loved seeing the colors up north and stopping at little produce stands for apples as I drove along tree-covered hills on my way to various schools. Also, I must say that high schools in CT know how to feed admissions counselors. I also enjoyed sampling the fare at the many college fairs I attended in the Constitution State. From tasty grinders to pretzel crusted salmon, my tummy stayed full and happy throughout every fair.

I’ll have to detail my travels through New York and New Jersey next time…