So…what do people do around here, anyway?

Despite the fact that our spring semester begins Monday, let’s face it–spring is nowhere in sight.  Not to be pessimistic (after all, you’re reading the blog of a girl who’s thrilled to spend her winters in Maryland after being used to Western New York winters with an average of 150 inches of snow), but I think many would agree that this time of year it’s often best to stay indoors and read books or watch movies rather than brave the elements.  Fortunately, UMBC’s February Arts & Culture Calendar should entice even those in hibernation mode to leave their residence halls or apartments for awhile to trek to another indoor venue where they can enjoy everything from a dance concert that blends art with technology (one piece features a dancer with a wireless surveillance camera) to a soiree with UMBC professor of Mathematics Manil Suri celebrating the release of his latest novel, The Age of Shiva.  Other February events include two art exhibitions, one featuring photographs detailing the history of the Black Panther Party, and another featuring portraits by a husband and wife team that makes a point of living with their subjects.  In addition, UMBC students have an array of concerts from which to choose in February.  Two pianists, two guitarists, a baritone/pianist duo, and even an evening of percussion with narration will all grace our campus with their presence in the coming weeks.

The best part about all this activity is that almost all of it is FREE for UMBC students.  The only event mentioned above that costs money is the dance concert, which will only set students back $7.  Not bad, eh?  So all of you prospective students out there, take note:  if you anticipate fitting the stereotype of a broke college student, remember that as a student at UMBC, you can be broke and still have a social life!  Don’t forget there are always sporting events, guest lectures, and many other activites on our campus all the time, as well!  You’ll always keep up to date with your myUMBC account, which will highlight campus and area events so that you don’t have to track ’em down yourself.  Prospective students, please feel free to attend any of the events I mentioned here, with the exception of the Suri book signing (sorry, it’s a special treat for the UMBC campus community!) .  Bring the whole family to get an idea of what life here on campus is like!  Many events are free to the public, and others are only $7 for general admission. 

Stay warm, everyone, and be sure to check out the Arts & Culture Calendar at