A Tuesday in January

Normally myself and the other Admissions Counselors write to our audience about some big announcement, or a major deadline, or an essay that got us particularly excited, but today I just felt like writing about a couple of random items.

First I’d like to welcome all of our students back for the Spring 2008 semester! For many seniors this is the last semester and they are looking towards the real world (college is only kind of the real world) with graduate school and job applications. For others this is their first semester at UMBC. I know here in the Admissions office January was a very busy month and we had a lot of fun getting all our new Spring students in for orientation programs and other such activities. I always remember Spring semester being a lot of fun, getting back from winter break and being quite excited to see your friends and get out of your parents’ house. So good luck to everyone, keep up the hard work!

Second, I’d like to remind our prospective students (especially prospective freshmen) that our deadline for the Undergraduate Application is this Friday, February 1st. I know you all have been working hard but make sure you get those applications, essays, letters or recommendation and all that other business done! For transfer students, you have a bit more time if you are interested in the Fall 2008 semester. The priority deadline for transfer students is March 15 and the final deadline is May 31.

To wrap up my blog for the day I want to let you all know about the upcoming Men’s Basketball game this Wednesday, January 30 at 7pm. The Men’s Basketball team is off to one of the best starts in the team’s history and they are doing great in the American East Conference. I’ve heard that our students are organizing and plan on having a strong presence at the game so if you are near the campus I invite you to come out and cheer on the Retrievers in the RAC! The Men’s Retrievers will be playing the two-time defending America East champion Albany and we plan on kicking butt!

Well that is all I have for today. Again, please feel free to comment on any articles if there is something you would like the Counselors to blog on. Thanks! Take it easy.