So, you want to transfer to UMBC? (a.k.a. the longest blog ever)

If you are currently attending a Maryland community college, and are considering transferring to UMBC, this is the blog for you! UMBC is a fantastic place for transfer students. And with 1,100 new transfers coming in each year, you will be in great company. Whether you are about to earn your Associate’s Degree, or are just ready to take the next step in your education, read on for information about transferring to UMBC.

One of the best resources available to you is ARTSYS, which is the Articulation System between Maryland colleges and universities. It allows you to see course equivalencies, recommended transfer programs, and more! (See, Laura’s not the only one who can sound like an infomercial.) Before you get started, I strongly recommend that you look through the ARTSYS tutorial. Once you are familiar with the site, click the link on the left for whichever feature you plan to use. From there, select the community college you currently attend and select UMBC as your “transfer to” institution. You will be happy to see that many of the courses you have taken at community college will transfer to UMBC and count toward general requirements, your major, or elective credit. Remember, you can transfer up to 60 credit hours from a 2-year college for credit here at UMBC.

As you apply to transfer to UMBC, chances are that at some point you will come into contact with Kelly Reese, our friendly and knowledgeable Transfer Coordinator. She will be spending most of February and the early part of March participating in Transfer Day events at many community colleges in Maryland. To see if Kelly will be visiting your school, check the Spring 2008 Transfer Day Schedule at

If you can’t make it to Transfer Day at your school, we offer transfer workshops right here in the UMBC Office of Undergraduate Admissions throughout the spring. The workshops last about 30 minutes and take place on some Tuesdays, some Saturdays, and most Fridays. To see the full schedule and to register to attend, visit We are also offering a Transfer Open House for prospective transfers on Friday, May 2, 2008. That’s right, the transfer-o-rama never ends! Many of our academic departments will be represented at that program, and there will be workshops and campus tours to choose from as well. For more information or to sign up, visit

Oh, and you know that whole money thing? Check out our scholarship opportunities for students coming from Maryland community colleges:

To successfully transfer from your community college to UMBC, you should utilize ALL of the resources available to you—ARTSYS, UMBC’s own Kelly Reese, and the Transfer Coordinator at your community college. If you don’t know that person already, you can search for contact information at

And to those of you thinking about transferring to UMBC from a 4-year college or university, or from an out-of-state community college, don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you. Your application is more than welcome, too! We always recommend meeting with the Transfer Coordinator at your current institution, and Kelly and the rest of us here in the Admissions Office can answer questions for you any time.

Have a great weekend, everyone! Don’t forget your galoshes…