I’m sure anyone who has visited UMBC has seen or heard something about SEB. SEB is short for Student Events Board and they are basically in charge of “all things fun” at UMBC. From movies to events to concerts and more, SEB offers plenty of (cheap, and most times free) opportunities for all UMBC students to forget about class for a little while and have ridiculous amounts of fun!!

As a former UMBC student, I took full advantage of the movies SEB provided for us poor college students. The tickets are only $2 on Thursdays (thats even cheaper than Blockbuster), $1 on Fridays, and get this…FREE on Saturdays!!! In the next few weeks movies like “Beowulf”, “American Gangster”, and “Atonement” will all be showing right here on UMBC’s campus. For a full list of upcoming movies, go to:

Besides awesome movies, SEB offers plenty more events and activities for UMBC students. Actually, today SEB has set up a table in the Commons for students who wish to make a Valentine’s Day card for their special someone — and once again, its FREE!! The SEB has also started a Fitness Club. The Fitness Club meets Sunday afternoons and we all know the best way to kick off the week is with a workout! And if you need an incentive like free gear, don’t worry, the Fitness Club gives out sweatbands and t-shirts so you are set and ready to “fat-fight” (as their website puts it).

I could probably go on-and-on about the events SEB provides for UMBC students, but I’ll let you do some exploration for yourself. Their website is full with tons of information, including how to have the SEB co-sponsor another student organizations event. So, go check it out!

SEB’s Website: