How do I find a job once I graduate??

You get to UMBC, you take a bunch of classes, get involved with a ton of stuff, have a great time, then you graduate. Now what? Well for some it’s off to graduate schools to continue their education, and for others, it’s time to enter the real world (that means finding a job). Seems scary right? Well it is scary. There is good news though, especially for all of our extremely talented UMBC students. Here on campus we’ve got all sorts of resources to help our students prepare for the dreaded real world. A world where Ramen Noodles aren’t an acceptable meal anymore, and you have to shower EVERYDAY (trust me, college students don’t always do this). These resources I am referring to are things like our Career Center, the Shriver Center (they help coordinate internships and co-ops), and coming up soon next month, Career Week!

Career Week takes place here on campus March 3-7 and is available for all current students of UMBC. Students will have the opportunity to explore and discuss career options with faculty member, alumni, staff, and outside presenters. Students will also have the opportunity to network with many diverse groups in a variety of industries. Career Week will also contain several career fairs, one taking place each day. So for you prospective students out there, it might be a bit early to be looking for jobs, but I think it should feel good to know that there are resources here at UMBC to help you. For more information on Career Week and to check out the events that take place please visit the following webpage:

Take care everyone, have a great weekend!