Spring Time Activities

Well it has been quite some time since we have posted on the Admissions Counselor blog but I promise you we’re not sleeping on the job.  In fact, we’ve been as busy as always with reading applications (lots of those transfer applications are rolling in), hosting events, and traveling to college fairs.  So I must apologize because with all those things keeping us busy, we’ve gotten a little behind on updating you on the campus.  Of course the big news recently is our Men’s basketball team continues to be awesome!  The guys are American East Conference Regular Season champs and they continued their dominance with wins during the AEC Championship Tournament.  They are schedule to take on the Hartford Hawks this Saturday, March 15th at noon for the Championship Game!  The student section for the game is already sold out but don’t worry friends, the game with also be televised on ESPN2.  If the Retrievers win the title they will be making their first trip to the NCAA Tournament!  We’re all pretty excited about seeing our team do so well.  It has been great fun to watch the UMBC students support their team and rally around their campus.  For more information on the Men’s Basketball team and other UMBC sports check out the following website: http://www.umbcretrievers.com/

In other news, our students are about to head out on their Spring break and the UMBC campus will be closed on March 17th and 18th.  However, I would encourage all you interested students to come visit the campus.  We will resume information sessions and campus tours after the break and the Spring time is an excellent time to see the campus.

As always, let us know if you have any questions.  Take care!