Thinking Ahead

I must say, I am highly impressed by the questions I’ve received from prospective students lately.  I’m currently on the road at various college fairs in Connecticut and New York and am quite surprised by how many students are thinking ahead, not only to their undergraduate careers, but to graduate school as well!  Bravo!  I confess I was not quite so forward-thinking when I was a junior in high school.  I don’t even think I knew what “graduate school” was. 

Anyway, in light of some of the queries I’ve gotten regarding our graduate programs, and specifically our accelerated Bachelor’s/Master’s programs, I’d like to point out our Graduate School programs chart at  You’ll notice the second column notes whether an accelerated Bachelor’s/Master’s program is available in that particular area.

Of course, it’s not necessary to worry about what sort of graduate program you think you might be interested in in another five years, so don’t fret if you haven’t thought that far ahead.  The great news is, as Josh recently noted, if you receive a UMBC education, you’ll be ready for graduate study or the workforce!  The fact you can get funded as an undergraduate to do research at UMBC proves that this honors university is committed to preparing you for countless opportunities after graduation, including graduate work.  Josh mentioned the upcoming Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievement Day here at UMBC.  Make sure you also check out to see what our current Undergraduate Research Award recipients are doing.  I promise you’ll be impressed.  From investigating the possible life-saving properties of rattlesnake venom to examining the gender representations in Swiss print media, our undergraduates are truly “getting their hands dirty” in their fields and are turning out first-rate research! 

Keep the questions coming, everyone!  I look forward to meeting more of you at more spring fairs up north.