Sharpen those #2 pencils…

It’s almost May, and (among many other things) that means that many of you have Advanced Placement tests right around the corner.  Sure, signing up to take an AP class is an accomplishment in itself, and surviving the whole year is impressive. But it all comes down to that test! I’m sure it’s been or mentioned a time or two (or just plain drilled into you) by your high school teachers and guidance counselors… but don’t forget, you can get college credit for some of those exams! There is, of course, a catch. You have to score really well 🙂

If you would like to see what you may be able to get credit for at UMBC, check out the Undergraduate Catalog at  Select “Appendices” and the AP credits are listed in Appendix II (page 8).

We do give credit for CLEP and IB scores as well, so for those of you who have gone the extra mile with any one of these types of exams, I see rewards in your future, too!

Finally, and this is important: send those scores to us!  You can’t get credit for them if we don’t have the official score reports. When you take the exams, be sure to list UMBC as the school you’d like to send them to.  For exams you’ve already taken, visit for instructions on how to send scores to us.  Our school code is 5835.

Good luck!


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