Message for transfer students of Fall 2008

Happy Friday! I’m not sure how you all feel, but the Spring semester felt like it went by really quickly. With the end of the Spring semester also came another marker here at UMBC…the deadline for transfer students to apply for Fall 2008! Hopefully everyone got those applications in on time, but you may also be asking, “Can I still send in my other materials?” Well of course you can! The “other materials” I am talking about include official college transcripts (from all previous college institutions you have attended), essays (not required but you are welcome to send them in), letters of recommendation (also not required), and official high school transcripts and official SAT and/or ACT scores (if you have earned under 30 credits of college coursework).

Transcripts are the big item that we need from transfer students. For those of you who applied and have already been accepted I want to remind you to send in final transcript for the Spring semester. This is very important because without those final grades, we can’t evaluate the class for transferability. For those who have applied and not yet heard back from us, make sure you are sending all those transcripts! And I really do mean ALL of the transcripts. Even if you only have one class from a school and you’re not worried about transferring that class, we still need a transcript! Once we get all those credentials we need from you we’ll get a decision on your application and send you an official decision letter in the mail.

Have a great weekend! Take care, and remember, send those transcripts!