Summer at UMBC

Before we head out for a long holiday weekend, I thought I’d remind our readers about some summer activities here at UMBC.  Some may think that college campuses all but shut down over the summer, but I’m here to let you know there’s still plenty to do here in July despite the fact that the majority of our students have temporarily disappeared.  If any prospective students out there have thought about living on or near campus over a summer, read on to get a taste of what you’ll encounter…

The Student Events Board, or SEB, is offering an array of events over the summer, so check out for the full schedule.  I am especially fond of the free cotton candy days! 

Next week a bus will take alumni and other fellow UMBC-ers to a Nationals game.  The following week six bucks will get UMBC students a ticket to an O’s game as well as transportation.  Not bad!  They’ll have plenty of money left over for a hot dog and a giant foam finger.

Summers here at UMBC include workshops to help students plan their educations, as well.  The Graduate School will sponsor a workshop on funding your graduate education this month.  This may not sound useful to you now, but applying to grad school is no easy feat, so you’ll be happy to have assistance when you’re not bogged down by tons of coursework.

Of course, I should also mention that since we’re only a hop, skip, and a jump away from Baltimore, you’ll have plenty to do there, as well.   The SEB site points out the upcoming ArtScape festival (which is the country’s largest free arts festival, by the way).  Plenty of other events take place on a daily basis in the city.  One of my favorite resources for information on festivals, concerts, and other events is City Paper’s events calendar.  You’ll find it online at

Have a good Fourth, everyone!