Welcome Week Activities Posted!

I’m assuming if you are a new student coming to UMBC this fall, you’ve likely been checking our website on a regular basis waiting for Welcome Week activities to be posted.  If you have, you know they’re up–if you haven’t, then go to http://www.umbc.edu/orientation/welcomeweek.html now to see what’s in store for you during your first week as a new UMBC student!  Prospective students may be interested in checking out the Welcome Week agenda, as well, to get an idea of what you might experience in another year or two. 

I fondly remember my university orientation as a great experience where I met many of those whom are still my closest friends.  I hope new UMBC students will have fond memories of their orientations, as well.  If you don’t already know, Welcome Week is actually the second part of orientation for UMBC freshmen and transfer students.  It begins with a retreat for commuter students or with move-in for students living on campus.  That evening, new students will take part in Playfair, a bizarre but purely fun high-energy session where you’ll meet more fellow UMBC newbies than you can shake a stick at.  Trust me, I experienced Playfair at my freshman orientation, as well–it’s an experience not to miss.  From there, the week continues with numerous interactive sessions on academics, campus resources, and of course, student organizations, club sports, and recreational programs.  I’m particularly excited for the New Student Book Discussion.  I just finished reading The Glass Castle and am anxious to hear what new students think of Jeanette Walls’s strange, yet colorful experiences growing up.  It’s a great book, by the way, and a quick read, so if you haven’t snagged it yet, get your hands on a copy now and you’ll easily have it done by Welcome Week!