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I’m sure many a prospective college student out there has begun their search process for next Fall 2009. You have visited colleges this summer, checked out numerous websites, and maybe even signed up for a few open houses. As part of the college search process you take scores of things into consideration including size, location, academic programs, student life, and probably how the food tastes (food is actually important, you’ll eat a lot of it while in college). Another aspect of colleges that you may (or should) look at when searching for schools is what they offer in terms of financial aid and scholarships. I’m going to leave the financial aid discussion for another post but let’s chat briefly about scholarships.

Here at UMBC we offer a few options for scholarships. One type of scholarship that we have available is merit-based scholarships. These types of scholarships are great; they award you for your hard work during high school. At UMBC you do not need to apply separately for merit-based scholarship, we (well actually the Office of Scholarships) simply use the information that is provided with your regular Undergraduate application. These scholarship awards can range from a partial scholarship to nearly fully tuition.

The other type of scholarships we offer here at UMBC our part of our six scholarship programs. These programs “combine financial awards with special opportunities for advanced research, unique seminars, directed internships, study abroad and more.” The programs range across the disciplines in their areas of interest and focus. The scholarship programs, as opposed to the merit-based scholarships, do require separate applications in addition to the Undergraduate application. I highly suggest looking into these types of scholarships early on because it is important to determine if you think the program is the right fit for you.

This past April one of our scholarship (Meyerhoff Scholarship) programs celebrated its 20th anniversary. Check out this video from UMBC on YouTube:


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