Food at UMBC

I have a stare which I reserve for friends and sudden foes who have grabbed a gargantuan slice of pizza and left me with the measly remainder, that minuscule slice of pie that often falls to the last round of the pizza draft. My stare is indicative of utter disappointment. It is not unlike the piercing gaze of a hungry, betrayed, domestic cat.

Most of us have been food critics since our early childhood. We all think we deserve a bigger (or better) slice of whatever food we desire.

Luckily, UMBC’s new dining vendor is up to the challenge. Chartwells College & University Dining Services is now in charge of the dining options on-campus, and they are off to a promising start.

Their website is full of interactive features designed to alleviate and prevent food-related distress from students. In addition to its description of various mealplans (including commuter options), the site contains a total health link that gives students access to create and monitor their own personal nutrition journal. The total health feature also provides a Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator, along with a Calorie and Resting Metabolic Rate calculator for students who wish to thoroughly track their healthy living on-campus.

The Dining Hall now has a Kosher station and Chartwell’s will also facilitate several changes scheduled to develop elsewhere on-campus in the coming months. The University Center will soon house a Chick-fil-a in October, and a Starbucks is slated to be installed during the Summer of 2009.

There are more than enough stressors in college life. Many of our students simply do not have time for pizza-related disappointment. Click here and scroll down for a map of the dining options on-campus. There is literally something for all tastes at UMBC. I always appreciate it when someone gives me a better slice.

Thank You Chartwells

Thank You Chartwells