Keep an eye out for a (UMBC) Counselor near you!

Fall is here, and a big part of the Fall for Admissions representatives is travel.  As Counselors here at UMBC we spend about 7 weeks on the road visiting high schools and going to college fairs.  Along the way we have the opportunity to meet tons of prospective students and we hope we can give them as much information as possible to make an informed college decision.  The Admissions staff here in the Undergraduate office are literally moments away from leaving for our travel…okay maybe it is actually days, not moments, but it is soon.  I’ll be hitting the road on September 11 to spend about 2 weeks in North Carolina.  Ryan will be departing for his first season of traveling soon, he is heading to a college fair tomorrow and then venturing to Pennsylvania (around Philadelphia) during his first two weeks.  Mrs. Laura Towers will be leaving next Monday as she heads first to Connecticut and then back to Maryland for her second week (Annapolis and Southern MD).

Myself, Ryan, and Laura mainly travel out-of-state, but don’t worry Marylanders, UMBC will visit you too!  We have several senior (experienced, not old) staff members who visit the Maryland high schools and college fairs.  You can also check out Kelly’s blog to see when our Transfer Coordinator will be visiting the Maryland community colleges.

Check with your guidance counselor to see when colleges are visiting your school.  We hope to see you soon!