Visual and Performing Arts

After reading Ryan’s post last week on the UMBC Faculty Exhibit currently on display I found myself itchin’ for more of the arts.  Well what do I come across while checking out the UMBC homepage?  A link for the upcoming Spring arts events!  UMBC has a pretty amazing arts culture here on campus; we have several art galleries featuring work from inside and outside UMBC, music performances and ensembles, and great facilities for our artists to use.

A reminder as well to anyone interested in coming to UMBC to be part of our Visual and Performing Arts programs: you must apply to the program in addition to applying to UMBC!  These majors are the only programs that we require students to apply separately to in addition to the univeristy.  We are fortunate as a mid-sized university to not have to limit the number of students in our other majors, but classes in the Visual and Performing Arts need to be quite small (average class size at UMBC is about 25-30, but VPA classes need to be even smaller).

If you intend to apply to our Visual Arts programs check out the website for information on submitting a portfolio.  Go here for information on applying to our Music program, you will find details on auditioning.  If you are interested in the Linehan Artist Scholar program check out this link.

And as always, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about applying to UMBC, or the Visual and Performing Arts programs.