Top Five Up-and-Coming, Check; Best Value, Check…

We at UMBC had to give ourselves yet another pat on the back this week as we were added to yet another publication’s list of great U.S. colleges.  Shortly after being hailed as one of U.S. News and World Report’s top five up-and-coming campuses, UMBC has been dubbed one of the Princeton Review’s “100 Best Value Colleges for 2009.”  Don’t worry–our arms aren’t hurting too badly after patting our own backs a second time.  After all, once again a national publication is recognizing something students, faculty, and staff at UMBC already know:  we’re a solid research institution that provides students with an honors experience without socking them with massive loans for the rest of their lives! 

Not all prospective students focus much on the cost of the colleges and universities they’re thinking about attending.  I’m pretty sure most of your parents are thinking about it, though, since many of them understand the pain of paying back student loans decades after clutching their Bachelor’s degrees for the first time and waltzing across the commencement stage in their robes and mortar boards.  So just remind yourself as you’re researching schools:  Debt is not fun.  Here, I’ll show you a picture that proves it, á la Ryan and Josh:


If you can find a uni where you’ll get a fantastic education, have all the resources you’ll need to succeed academically and to grow as a human being, and where the cost of four years’ tuition, room, and board will be a far cry from the six-digit mark, then why not give that uni serious consideration? 

It is difficult to resist ending my blog this week without my usual plug for our website, so I’m going to give in once again and go for it:  For more information on tuition, financial aid, and scholarships at UMBC, please click here.  And, as usual, leave a comment or email us at if you have any questions.  See you at our spring visit programs!


2 thoughts on “Top Five Up-and-Coming, Check; Best Value, Check…

  1. Hi,

    I got accepted into UMBC Early Action and I just had one question. If we qualified for scholarships, would we have heard about it by now?

  2. Hi Azam- Merit-based scholarship offers are usually sent to students about 3-4 weeks after they receive their admissions letter. If you are not offered a merit-based scholarship we always recommend searching other outside scholarships and applying for financial aid using the FAFSA (deadline is February 14- “Apply Online by Valentines”).

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