Visiting Colleges

Last night I attended Centennial High School’s College Night.  Among other topics, I was asked to speak with high school juniors and their parents about visiting colleges.  Spring semester of a student’s junior year is a great time to start visiting some of the colleges you may apply to in the Fall.  The best place to begin planning your trips to colleges and universities is Admissions websites.  Under these websites you will find information about what types of visit programs the university offers and how you can register for those programs.

Junior year is early enough in your college search process that you don’t need to have your list of colleges completed decided, so I suggest using this time to visit a variety of schools.  University campuses range in size, location, atmosphere, and many other factors.  You may want to consider visiting a large school and then comparing it to a smaller college.  Visit an urban campus and then check out a rural or suburban campus.  The best way to get an idea of where you could see yourself attending college is by actually being on campus.  Remember, when you visit a college or university, give yourself some extra time to wonder the school on your own.  You can take time to talk to current students, grab a bite to eat, or read the campus newspaper.

If you are considering UMBC we offer several visit programs during the Spring, and then into the Summer and Fall.  Our next open house that we are hosting is our Just for Juniors (and Sophomores too!) program.  The event will take place on March 28 and it is a excellent way to check out the campus and see what we offer.  To register you can visit this link.

If you can’t make it to Just for Juniors we also have information sessions and campus tours during the week.  During the information session you will have the chance to meet an admissions representative, and the campus tour will be an hour long walking tour.  To register you can visit this link.
Hope to see you soon!