Ah, the sight of UMBC’s campus at 6:30 a.m…peaceful and serene.  Not even the squirrels are up this early.  UMBC Admissions staff are up though, ready to greet hundreds of eager, fresh UMBC faces as they trek onto campus for their first official experience as Retrievers! 

Yes, that’s right…Orientation season has officially begun.  Today we welcomed the first group of newly admitted students for Orientation Course Selection Day.  I mentioned Orientation  in one of my last blogs, but if you don’t recall, this is the day when new students come to campus to learn about UMBC’s policies and resources, meet with advisors, and register for fall classes!  Of course, they also come to meet fellow newbies and OPA’s (Orientation Peer Advisors).  It’s a full day, but we find that after it’s all over, new students tend to feel relieved knowing what their schedules for fall will entail, knowing a little more about the campus (where things are, where to go for what, etc.), and perhaps most importantly, knowing a few fellow students and some faculty and staff to turn to with questions or to just say hi to next time they’re on campus.

Whether you’re joining us as a Retriever this fall or are thinking about donning the UMBC black and gold some time in the future,  you may want to read up about Orientation and see what awaits our new students!