Transfer Clues

It doesn't have to be this way...

If only he visited our transfer website...

The process of transferring from one college or university to another should not be an arduous quest.  The transfer ‘mystery’ students might feel can stem from a perceived lack of resources and guidance during their transition.  Among others, UMBC has three clues that every prospective transfer applicant should see, especially if you plan on transferring from a Maryland community college!  Luckily, all three clues are on the same site.

1.) Transfer Website:

  • Visit
  • Course Catalog
  • Academic Planning
  • Financial Aid
  • Scholarships
  • Application requirements/dates/deadlines
  • Transfer Credit Evaluation
  • Orientation
  • Residential Life
  • Off-Campus Student Services

2.) ARTSYS: the articulation system for Maryland Colleges and Universities is a great resource for transfer students from Maryland community colleges. Simply plug the different schools and course name/# to view the likely transfer equivalency at your new school (hopefully UMBC).

3.) College Partnerships: Our program-to-program partnerships with the following schools (with more coming) immediately takes all the mystery out of the process.  If you know each acronym, you’ll earn zero points, unless you click on the college partnerships link.

  • AACC
  • BCCC
  • CCBC
  • HCC
  • MC

In addition to these program-specific partnerships with the schools above, UMBC has relationships with several other Maryland community colleges.  If any mystery still lingers, it’s time to contact your school’s transfer coordinator/adviser.  Their contact information is available if you click on the appropriate school under our college partnerships link.