A Nationally Recognized Honors University in Maryland


This is beyond a tagline.  The definition of UMBC as an honors university in Maryland is now more resonant than ever before. There are 11 state schools in the University System of Maryland, and while  they all share a common pride in USM values – only UMBC sits among the national list of outliers, the schools that “do a much better job than others of teaching their undergraduate students.”

1. Dartmouth College

2. Princeton University

3. Yale University


4. Stanford University

source: http://www.umbc.edu/bestcolleges/

Though rewarding, this ranking is no surprise to faculty and students at UMBC.  The proof is in the teaching.  We have a Howard Hughes Medical Investigator in Dr. Michael Summers.   His students and others at UMBC go on to pursue Master’s and Ph.D programs at schools like Harvard, Stanford, Duke, the University of Pennsylvania, M.I.T., Berkeley, Yale University, Johns Hopkins, Carnegie Mellon, Rice, and NYU.

We have a a mathematics professor who the New Yorker feels is capable of penning a  “sensuous, nuanced portrait of motherhood.”  That portrait is in Manil Suri’s bestselling novel, The Age of ShivaDr. Suri is a tenured professor in the department of mathematics and statistics at UMBC.  I  can only imagine his lecture on the sensuous, nuanced portrait of numerical analysis.  His work captures the essence of liberal arts at UMBC.

These professors are just two of an all-star cast of faculty who UMBC trots out to their students every single year.  This is why UMBC is the number one public school in the country for teaching undergraduate students.  Our students then respond to the challenges of these endearing know-it-alls, and that is why UMBC is an honors university in Maryland.