Snow-(add whatever catastrophic-sounding suffix you can think of here)


True Grit has a snow suit!

So in case you haven’t heard, Baltimore got socked with a lot of snow recently.  I mean a lot of the white stuff.  When a girl who grew up in Western New York just south of Buffalo, the nation’s “snowiest large city,” says the Mid-Atlantic received a lot of snow, you better believe her!

As we continue to dig ourselves out of a now graying, slushy, icy mess, we also continue to post pictures of the blizzard and its aftermath online.  One place UMBC students and staff have started posting their photos and videos is on our Insights news page.  You’ll even notice a YouTube link to a time-lapse of the snow at one of the residence halls here on campus.  Note in this video how the trusty UMBC staff continues to fight the elements, digging paths every couple of hours to allow students to push their way through the snow and wind to the dining hall before holing up again in their cozy suites (What’s that?  You didn’t know all of our residence halls are “suite style”?  It’s true!  Check out the Res Life website!).

We’ll be sure to update you on any other historic weather events here in the Baltimore region (ha ha), and to let you know about the latest postings of double blizzard pictures as they continue to pour in to various UMBC websites.

I couldn’t resist concluding my blog with a picture from my neighborhood in Baltimore.  It was taken after the first blizzard.  It is a main road in the city, one of the few of which was plowed right after the storm, but as you can see, not many vehicles were able to make it up the street, so the plowing mostly served to allow residents to walk around before starting to shovel out the sidewalks.  And no, readers from Western New York and other snowy lands, Baltimoreans do not own snowblowers–in fact, some do not even own shovels, since in a typical winter like last year we never even had to use them!  I’m guessing most have changed their tunes and are now willing to admit the benefits of owning your own snow removal device, though.  As I can attest from watching others, brooms just don’t cut it when you have to move 30+ inches of snow.