May 1st

Tomorrow, May 1, is the national deadline for freshmen students to commit to a college or university for the Fall 2010 academic year.  Admissions representatives across the country are excited to see what their freshmen classes will look like in the coming semester.  High school seniors should also be excited about the deadline because, well, making that deposit is pretty darn official.  As a high school senior, once you’ve made your deposit and had a strong finish to your high school career (yes, that means studying for your finals), you’re basically on your way to starting the next chapter of your life.  Enjoy the next few weeks and remember to smile big for all the pictures your mom will be taking during graduation.

For those who will be coming to UMBC next fall, congrats!  If you have not yet submitted your enrollment deposit make sure it is post-marked by May 1.  You can declare your intent to enroll using your MyUMBC account and then you will need to send your enrollment deposit form and payment to UMBC in the mail.  The Admissions Office is not open tomorrow but as long as you have your deposit post-marked by tomorrow you are okay.  The housing deposit and housing application are also due tomorrow so be sure to read through your admissions packet for all necessary information.  If you have questions for the Admissions Office our telephone number is 410-455-2292 and the number for the Office of Residential Life is 410-455-2591.

Again, congratulations on your college decisions and we look forward to meeting the UMBC Class of 2014 this summer during Orientation!