Summer Preview Day on August 2

Summer is great for many things- vacations, hanging out by the pool, working that summer job, sleeping in all hours of the morning, spending time with friends.  I’m sure many high school students are off enjoying their summer break without a care in the world, and heck, I don’t blame you!  But amongst all that free time there are also a lot of rising high school seniors thinking about their college choices.  Summer can be a chance to make a few college visits and get the admissions process rolling.

At UMBC if you’re looking to make a summer visit a great opportunity to do so would be at a Summer Preview Day.  During our Summer Preview Day you’ll have a chance to take a walking tour of the campus, attend sessions on academic resources and students life and speak with staff from various departments across campus.  You can register online if you’re interested in attending.  Looking forward, if you’ll be a high school senior I also suggest attending one of our Fall Visit Days (beginning in October) for a chance to learn more about UMBC and to even sit in on classes.

If the Summer Preview Day doesn’t work in your schedule consider scheduling a campus tour.  And as always, feel free to contact our office if you have questions.  Take care stay cool in the heat!