Visual Arts Admissions Clarification

A few FAQs about applying to the Visual Arts program.


Q – Can I submit my sketchbook?

A – Yes you can!  Just keep in mind that it only counts as one of the 6-8 additional pieces of artwork.

Q – Can I submit animation?

A – Yep! We want to see your best work and if animation is your strong point, we want to see it.

When putting together your portfolio, just remember that you don’t have to submit work in the medium you plan to pursue; many students have had little or no opportunity to work in media we teach and we understand that.  We’re looking for commitment and potential and are happy to see (and can tell as much from) a drawing/painting portfolio.

There also seems to be some confusion about the process of applying to the Linehan Art Scholarship (LAS).

A student must complete 2 applications:

1. The university application (Try to apply Early Action (by Nov. 1) for the Fall!) <>

2. The LAS application

What about the Visual Arts application?!?!  Do not worry.

Simply complete the entire portfolio as well as the supplementary materials outlined on the LAS site and turn it in according to the LAS deadlines/instructions.  That (one) portfolio will be reviewed by Visual Arts faculty/staff to determine both admission to the department and LAS decisions.  LAS apps do not need to send any materials to the visual arts department.  For Fall the deadline is January 1, so make sure you have everything in by then.   You do not have to worry about the Portfolio Reviews listed on the Visual Art’s website.  Your portfolio review will be done after you hand in your materials on January 1.

Strait from the website:

“Students are encouraged to apply by the early action admissions deadline of November 1 and must submit their completed scholarship application and supporting materials (including portfolios for visual arts candidates) by January 1.” <>


2 thoughts on “Visual Arts Admissions Clarification

  1. My mother went to University of MD at Baltimore When filling out my application is this pertinent for family members as alumnae?

    • Hi Brendan,
      The University of Maryland, Baltimore is actually a different school than UMBC so your mother would not be considered an alum. However, the Admissions Committee does not use alumni connections as a factor affecting our decisions. Take care!

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