Just for Juniors is this Saturday!

Wow, I have totally been a stranger on the blog lately! My apologies for that, we’ve been hard at work in the Admissions Office with our incoming freshmen and transfer classes. The priority deadline for our transfer applicants was March 15 and we’re working to process and review those applications. As a reminder, our final deadline for fall 2011 transfer applications will be May 31.

In the admissions world this time of year also starts a new admissions cycle. This means that in addition to working with our incoming class we’ve also begun meeting with prospective fall 2012 students! If you’re a high school junior you’ve  probably been hearing about college fairs from your counselors and some of you have been making visits to universities as well. This is an excellent time for juniors to be gathering information about colleges and universities and really trying to decide what schools they see as the right “fit.” There are many things to consider when choosing a college but my advice is to not focus just on the name of the school or some ranking. Dig deeper, learn about a school’s community and their values, and take time to reflect on yourself as well to determine some of your goals.

If you’re currently a high school junior or sophomore and are looking for an opportunity to learn more about UMBC I recommend attending Just for Juniors this Saturday, April 2. This program is a chance to meet faculty, staff and students and learn more about the UMBC experience. Registration can be found online (click on Just for Juniors above). Look forward to seeing you!