It’s not a rumor, the professors here really are awesome.

I’m auditing a class for fun.  Yeah, I said fun.  I miss the classroom environment!   It is so different from any other place.  I just left Mark Durant’s classroom, where he was teaching Intro to Art and Media.  It was one of the first courses I had when I started at UMBC.  I find this class incredibly intriguing.  It broadens the way I think. Professor Durant is passionate about the subject and is constantly engaging the student.  This is not an unheard of occurrence around UMBC.  Just as Coleen mentioned, we were recently recognized as …”the #4 school in the NATION for professor’s dedication to undergraduate students!”  We have tons of awesome professors at UMBC, and if you want to check out some of them, click here.  (There, you can also read more about Professor Durant.)