Let Freedom Ring!

Apparently Fall has decided to take a vacation this year because I actually saw winter frost on Saturday.  Madness.  Oh well, I hope you are all starting to get back into the groove of school!  Luckily, the crazy Maryland weather has not stopped all of our wonderful visitors (hopefully some of you!) who stop by for an information session and campus tour during the week (sign up here).  One thing I like to do during my information session is get to know all of you.  My favorite question to ask is “what are you looking forward to most about college?”.  If you would have asked me that question back in high school, I would have said the same thing all of you are saying, “FREEDOM”.  Okay, maybe you don’t yell it out like that, but I can see the excitement in your eyes about what lies ahead 😀

And excited you should be! But, before you do anything crazy, I wanted to let you in on a little secret, with freedom comes responsibility.  I know I know, I sound just like your parents, but responsibility can be just as fun as the freedom that comes along with it.  For instance, many UMBC students join one of our 200 clubs and organizations, which provide a smaller community within UMBC’s 10,000 students.  Here at UMBC, we have everything from the Cleftomanics (A capella group) to the Game Developer’s Club to Habitat for Humanity, all of which involve a certain level of time commitment and responsibility while also opening doors to new interests, friends, and opportunities.  Find an organization that excites you!

Lecturing aside, once you find a good balance between fun and responsibility you will really start to enjoy your freedom and hopefully UMBC will help you do just that!

On another note:  I start travel in NOVA and Harford County, MD next week so be sure to keep a lookout if you’re in the area!

Later Gator.