When I grow up, I want to be…

It’s the never ending question- What do you want to be when you grow up?  As a little kid, I wanted to be a lot of things – teacher, a physical therapist, the host of Good Morning America, a weatherperson (only because my dad told me that I wouldn’t get paid if I didn’t do my chores I wouldn’t get my allowance, but the weather people still got paid when they didn’t get the weather right).  If you aren’t sure what you want to be when you grow up, that’s fine!  That’s what UMBC Career Services Center is for.  Right now the Career Services Center is gearing up for one of their biggest events of the year- the Fall Career Fair!

Each Fall, the Career Center hosts a Career Fair where companies from all over the US come to campus to meet with students regarding employment opportunities.  Just some of the companies include Apple, Care First Blue Cross Blue Shield, Exxon Mobile, GEICO Insurance, Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, Kennedy Krieger Institute, Morgan Stanley, the National Security Administration, the Park School of Baltimore, Space Telescope Science Institute, Target, US Department of State, and many more!  For the complete list of 115+ companies coming to campus to recruit UMBC students, click here!

In addition to hosting the Career Fair, the Career Services Center can help students in many other ways- from resume critiques, to cover letter writing, career exploration, even helping you find a major (or what you can do with your major!).  Their website is a great resource full of lots of fun tools to help you out if you are not quire sure what you want to do, or know exactly what you want to do.  And these services don’t end once you earn your diploma, the Career Services Center is available to alumni too!

For now, I’ll settle for being an Admissions Counselor.  As for next week, who knows?  Probably still an Admissions Counselor, but I do love my job!