Gobble Gobble (Part II)

Happy Turkey Day Eve!

Yesterday, Coleen and I visited our colleagues and gave them a pre-Thanksgiving survey. She wanted to know what admissions staff are looking forward to this week and I wanted to see what our office was most thankful for (it being Thanksgiving week and all). The answers definitely show off our personalities and got me in the mood for some turkey and stuffing! Side note: I’m also excited for the sauerkraut, but this is apparently a tradition only for us Baltimoreans.

I’m thankful for…

Sana –Specialist – “my husband’s family from Southern Virginia. They make awesome Southern food!”

Kena – IT Specialist – “greedy tendencies.” [What’s that mean?] “It means I’m going to eat all of the food.”

Wanda – Office Clerk – “friends and family.” (Wanda’s one of the only one in the office who can appreciate my love for Thanksgiving sauerkraut).

Liz – Events Coordinator – “the geographic region in which I live. There’s tons of great shopping, food, culture, and shopping.” (She loves shoes).

Coleen – Admissions Counselor – “ditto!” (She loves purses).

Sheila – Executive Administrative Assistant – “all of the people who donated to the Maryland Charity Campaign.”

Julie –Visual and Performing Arts Admissions Counselor – “Face Time so I can ‘see’ my family in Oklahoma on Thursday!”

Mike – Admissions Counselor – “being awesome.”

Lori – Assistant Director – “that it’s very nearly time to put up the Christmas decorations.”

Patsy – Campus Visit Experience Coordinator – “for a four day weekend. Time for some R&R&R (rest and relaxation and rejuvenation)!”

While I certainly second most of these, I’m also thankful for the fact that my family’s so large, I get four Thanksgiving dinners! (These are spread out over a two-week period; I only have one dinner on Thanksgiving Day). What are you thankful for?