I Am Thankful for the New Performing Arts and Humanities Building + Technology

I don’t pass by the lot where the new building is being built very often, but when I do, wow!!  It is no longer just a computerized image on a presentation board or a delicate miniature modle.  This is for real, for real…  If you haven’t had the chance to check it out, you have to.  This is not only going to benefit the Arts and Humanities departments on campus, but everyone at UMBC.  There are going to be truly awesome facilities to showcase the crazy amounts of creativity and talent that is ready to burst into the even hotter spotlight.

(In comes why I am thankful for technology.)

*Check it Out*  Even if you do or do not have facebook, you can see the new building and all the progress that is being made.  It is unbelievable! Students of Fall 2012 and beyond, watch out.  The art world of UMBC will be strutting its stuff, even better than your favorite turkey.


6 thoughts on “I Am Thankful for the New Performing Arts and Humanities Building + Technology

  1. Louis – UMBC does not have requirements, but our averages for incoming freshman are as follows:

    3.6 GPA

    1200 (Critical Reading + Math)
    1800 (when you include the Writing)

    Again, those are averages.

  2. Can you tell me what the “GPA and SAT averages” are for the early action admissions (which are said to be more competitive?

    • Hi Mark,
      Typically students who are admitted during our Early Action review period fall around our averages or above (averages listed above by Julie). However, if a student is not offered admission during Early Action they are simply deferred to Regular Decision and reviewed again.

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