This past weekend, my friend from Philly came for a short visit to check out Baltimore.  Let’s call him Bob.  Bob has never been to Baltimore (B-more), so I was his tour guide.  If you have never given a tour of your own town or city, I highly recommend it.  You will explore all those places you pass by and never make the time to check out.

Let me tell you; I am quite the seasoned B-more tour guide 😉  I’m so good that I know the exact places to get lost in order to show off all kinds of Baltimorean sights!

We did get to explore the Federal Hill area a bit.  It was a chilly day, but the sun was out and the skies were spotless.  The decorations were awesome too.  I honestly have not really felt that “holiday spirit” in the air until this weekend.  All of the beautiful lights, decorations, and the crisp air did the trick.  There are also tons of little shops and restaurants.  We had sweet potato fries that were a-ma-zing!

After grabbing some food, we headed over to the actual Federal Hill that has old cannons and everything!  This is yet another beautiful historical spot. Also, if you want to get some intense speed rolling down a hill, this is your spot.  This also happens to be my ultimate favorite view of the city, and that’s saying a lot.  You can see everything from the Raven’s Stadium, to the Inner Harbor, to the big Domino’s Sugar Sign.

The Domino Sugar sign

  Bob and I on top of Federal Hill

Side Note: If you are hungry, check out Paper Moon.  If you like colors and toys glued strategically on the walls and ceilings, this is your place.

Bob has to come back because there are just too many other things that he did not get the chance to see or do.  We really wanted to check out the Baltimore Aquarium.  (I love their dolphin show!)  The water front in Fells Point was another place I really wanted to show him, with all of their coffee shops and little boutiques.  We never made it to Fort McHenry, a historical sight where Baltimore fought off the Brits.  (When I was showing my friends from London around, I got a big kick out of taking them there.)  Edgar Alan Poe’s grave is another sight to check out.  On the evening of Poe’s birthday, since 1949, a mysterious stranger leaves a tribute on Poe’s grave with a partial bottle of cognac and three roses.  No one really knows for sure why the bottle is left, however the three roses are thought to be for Poe, his wife, and his mother-in-law, all of whom are buried there.

So much to do, so little time!