Groundhog Day

It wouldn’t be the start of the spring semester if it weren’t Groundhog Day! This is one of my favorite non-holidays.

And it's a pretty good movie, too!

I always hope that Punxsutawney Phil will wake up and tell us all that spring is right around the corner. And nearly every year I am disappointed.

Today, Phil predicted six more weeks of winter. This is upsetting since this winter has been amazingly warm anyway. Can’t we just have real spring instead of warm winter? Alas, no, Phil calls for more winter. I just hope that means the weather won’t remember what it’s supposed to be doing and turn cold.

I suppose my sole consolation should the weather turn colder is that it might actually snow this year. Campus is really beautiful in the evening, and it’s a sight I would miss if we were to transition right into spring. So I suppose I should thank Phil.

I put way too much stock in a groundhog.