Involvement Fest and Elementary School Flashbacks

In case you haven’t realized, our blog has recently been taken over by pictures and YouTube videos.  No, it’s not because we didn’t know how to do this until a few months ago (we’re not THAT old), but it’s because we’ve been so busy reading applications!  Everyone needs a break from words sometimes – and what’s better than pictures?  Think back to elementary school when you would read the pre-chapter books and there was big font with lots of pictures.  Now open up to latest novel you’re reading for English class and you will find small print and no pictures.  So let this blog be a flashback to the good old days when you could have lots of pictures to look at…

Last week, Julie and I decided to hit up Involvement Fest!
At the beginning of each semester, the Office of Student Life hosts Involvement Fest, where all of the Student Organizations take over three portions of the Commons and have tables set up so that you can find new things to get involved in.  Everything from the sororities and fraternities to the club sports to the honors societies have tables set up in one of the three locations:

The theme for this years Involvement Fest was 1950s (think sock hops, juke boxes, and Elvis).  And, as at all college events, there is free food!  This was not the original reason why Julie and I went over to check it out, but of course we couldn’t help ourselves when we made our way in to the room with the free food, and Coke Floats!

So hopefully this gave you a nice break from reading your latest small-printed non-picture filled book for English class.  And thanks Julie for being a trooper and putting up with my picture taking.  And if you’re looking for a list of all of the student organizations, feel free to check out the Student Life website!