Happy Hunger Games!

Like some of you, Jaime and I were sitting in the movie theater across the street from our apartment last Thursday night at 11:59 waiting for the midnight showing of the Hunger Games at 12:05.  This was the first time I’d ever been to a midnight movie showing (lame, I know) but it was so much fun!  I saw so many people dressed up like Katniss, Peeta, and the people from the Capitol (who remind me of Lady Gaga) or people with clever shirts on relating to the books. Luckily, UMBC students were on Spring Break last week so they didn’t have to worry about getting up for classes on Friday morning, but Jaime and I had to get up for work which was not the easiest thing to do after going to bed at 3AM, but it was totally worth it!

As someone who is not particularly fond of reading, I was hesitant when I borrowed the books from Courtney, who works on the events that we host on campus, but they were so addicting!  If you haven’t read them yet – I would highly recommend them!  Hunger Games mania has taken over at UMBC too!  Yesterday morning, Scott sent some of us an e-mail about a class that is going to be offered this summer about the Hunger Games!  I’m going to be starting on my master’s degree this summer, but seriously considered taking it – here is the article about it in the Retriever Weekly (our student newspaper).  Needless to say, later that day we found out that the article was in this week’s Deceiver Weekly, the annual April Fool’s edition of the Retriever Weekly, and were quite disappointed.  I guess the odds weren’t in our favor after all…