A story from New Student Day

This past week has been the busiest of the year in the office of undergraduate admissions and orientation at UMBC, a week that culminated in what was quite possibly the best attended and smoothest running New Student Day in the history of the university. While many prospective students, parents, and family members were treated to a well-planned display of the best that UMBC has to offers, a presentation for which we owe thanks to the hard work of our students, faculty, and staff; it was an unplanned display that I would like to share which I think will make an even stronger positive impression. Shortly prior to lunch this past new student day, I was approached by a mother and her son, and the son informed me that he had lost his cell phone somewhere in one of the lecture halls where he attended a presentation on student life. I told him that knowing the quality of students which attend UMBC and are considering attending UMBC, we should have no problem locating the phone so long as we are certain to get the word out that it is missing. I walked with him and his mother to the lecture hall, but unfortunately we could not search, for fear of disturbing the program which was now underway in there. Fortunately, my fellow admissions counselor, Coleen, was facilitating that discussion, and I informed her of the situation and asked her to call me should she find such a phone. Within an hour, Coleen not only had located the phone in the lecture hall, but it was back in the student’s hands. In a time when questions about safety, security, and integrity often pop up at the end of our information sessions, I think this was an excellent real world display of the quality of those on UMBC’s campus, and was proud that we could provide at least one family with a uniquely positive experience of UMBC.