Baltimore’s History

When my extended family and I get together, we quite often break out a box of semi-forgotten photographs in my grandmother’s basement. These are pictures that have been passed down along the generations, but which our ancestors neglected to label. So when looking at these old black-and-whites, it’s very often the case that we have no idea who we’re looking at. It’s still a cool experience to glimpse at the past and to see if I see any family resemblance.

My love for old photographs extends to those taken of cities, especially in the early 20th century. The UMBC Digital Collections online is now showing a selection of photographs from the Hughes Company. Many of these pictures are of the Baltimore-DC area from fifty plus years ago. It’s really cool to see how much the city has changed in the past century – and to see that the costumes on period shows like Downton Abbey are pretty accurate!

If you’re interested, you can find the Hughes Company Glass Negatives Collection through the UMBC Digital Collections here.