110 in the Shade

As I write this, I am truly hoping this is the hottest week of the summer. Yesterday, the temperature approached 100º F and today it’s estimated that we’ll see temperatures upwards of 103º F! To say that the heat, and worse, the humidity, are oppressive is an understatement.

Luckily, this being Maryland, the weather will undoubtedly change at the drop of a hat. Next week will be much cooler. Highs are only supposed to be in the upper eighties! (Everything is relative).

Luckily, the Student Events Board cooled us off yesterday by offering free snow cones by the Commons. Free things are a given in college, but free food is always the best. Especially when said free food is icy and refreshing. If you’re on campus this summer be sure to check out SEB’s website. Some highlights of this summer’s activities? Free ice cream on June 26 and more free snow cones on July 12!

Ok our current students might find the trips to Hershey Park and Ocean City more enjoyable, but I’m just going to enjoy those snow cones.