Time for a Change!

After a crazy fall of making nice with the New Jersey Turnpike, traveling from NJ, to PA to Baltimore and back for seven weeks straight, I am very happy to be back at UMBC.  Now that I’m in the office what have I been up to? Reading, Reading and oh yes…more reading applications.  With Christmas music on and coffee in hand, I’m spending my days sifting through essay after essay getting to know our future Retrievers. This is definitely one of my favorite times of the year!

One of the more popular essay topics I have come across this year is CHANGE.  Whether it’s the anticipation of transitioning from high school to college, moving to another town, meeting new people or experiencing new challenges, times of change can be some of the most exciting times in our lives.

Joining the UMBC community in August was just the first in a long list of changes that I have experienced over the last four months. Moving to Baltimore from New Jersey, finding a new place to live, getting engaged, attending my first UMBC Visit Day, watching the Backstreet Boys and New Kids On the Block perform live , and discovering new places in my travels to Pennsylvania, New Jersey and my new home in Baltimore are just a few of the highlights- pictures are below!

Fun in HersheyApple Picking In Maryland

Nothing about my life is the same as it was in August… Is that scary? Absolutely, but in the midst of all of these changes have been so many great experiences that have made adjusting to a new life in Baltimore so much fun.

UMBC offers opportunities to help our future students enjoy the transition from high school to college. Whether it’s attending a Visit Day or getting an inside look at life at UMBC from a current student while they are “Home For The Holidays”,  there are so many great experiences to be had while learning more about our UMBC community.

You may not have made that big change yet, but when you are ready to dive into your college search process, or figure out which school you are attending next fall we are always happy to help you out… And we are only a click away!