Prove IT!

Have you ever wished you could change something in your High School? Maybe you’d start the day at noon, or lunch would involve a 3-course meal, or maybe you’d make it so that your homework assignment involved bringing puppies to class (because who doesn’t love puppies???) 😉 Well, every two years, UMBC asks the students what they want to change on campus, and then they actually change it! Last year, a student suggested that they open a cafe in the library for some late night snacking, and voila! Noche Vida was created. om nom nom

This year, the winning submission revolved around school pride. A few students from a class called, Civic Agency and Social Entrepreneurship, came up with The Retriever Project, described as “a campus-wide, public art initiative created to celebrate and display the dynamic unique culture of UMBC”. In a nutshell, three new retriever statues will be placed around campus and students will submit and vote on a design. The statues will then be painted with the winning designs, and will bask in the UMBC glory on campus for two years. After two years, they will be relocated to other places, like Baltimore City, to spread the UMBC love!

The best part about Prove IT is that any student can submit an idea. It’s a fantastic way to make your imprint on the campus 🙂

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  1. As a student leader I am always asking myself what sets UMBC apart from other institutions? Over the years our SGA has built the ProveIT campaign into a quintessential image of student involvement and social entrepreneurial spirit at UMBC. This SGA initiative (established in 2008) has really defined our organization across the nation, because it is seen as a unique program that stresses the importance of civic engagement in higher education. It was identified by the U.S. Department of Education in the report “Advancing Civic Learning and Engagement in Democracy” as a transformative program at the forefront of the higher ed’s emerging civic learning movement. As a student this just shows me that UMBC really is a place where every member of the community, whether you are a student, faculty, or administration is encouraged to shape this campus collectively. Even though we only have about four years here, with campaigns like this we have countless opportunities to leave lasting impressions!

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