November 1: Our Fall 2014 Early Action Deadline

Well we’ve reached that time of year again, our first deadline for Fall freshmen applicants- the November 1 Early Action deadline. I can tell by the number of calls and emails we’re receiving in our office that you’re anxious, which is normal, but I assure you that you’ll make it through the application process with flying colors. Below are a few of the inquiries we’re currently receiving:

Do all of my items need to be in your office by the deadline?
We require that your application and supporting documents be submitted via Common App by the end of the day on November 1 (technically you have until 11:59 p.m., but why wait that long), or if you’re mailing something to the office, it will simply need to be postmarked by the 1st.

I submitted my application and received your confirmation email, but my myUMBC account shows that items I submitted are missing. What’s up with that? Should I resend stuff?
Once we receive your application and supporting documents we’ll need time to process everything. We have to make sure all these application documents are where they need to be, and then we’ll have to update your online checklist. If you’ve sent everything (or had it sent from your school) you’ve done your part, now you just need to wait for us to process those items. Don’t resend anything (we’ll already have thousands of applications and documents), just allow a few weeks for processing, and if you still see an item on your checklist in mid-to-late November, reach out to our office.

Is there a Writing Supplement to apply to UMBC?
If you’re applying to UMBC you will only see a Writing Supplement on the Common App if you answered “Yes” to being interested in consideration for the Honors College. The Writing Supplement is the application to the Honors College program, and it can be submitted separately from your application for Undergraduate Admission. There are no additional Writing Supplements for the Undergraduate Admissions application.

What should I do if I’m having technical issues with my Common App account?
To resolve any technical issues with your Common App you will need to work with the Help Center of the Common App. Some students are not experiencing any issues and can submit just fine, while others have experienced minor issues like overloaded servers (try submitting at another time, but also a reason to not wait to submit) or other technical issues that need to be fixed by the Common App team. If you have an issue that the Common App team is fixing that prevents you from submitting your application, you can reach out to our office as well.

As you contact our office for assistance we’ll do our best to respond in a timely manner. However, given the increase in inquiries around our deadline, we thank you for your patience. We’re looking forward to reading your applications! Calm your stresses if you can and enjoy your senior year!