Back in Jersey!

Hello from my home state of New Jersey! This week I’m visiting some high schools in eastern Pennsylvania and a college fair in NJ, so instead of a hotel I’m staying with my parents. Perks of this is home cooked meals, an endless supply of free coffee, and I wake up to this furry face.


She might not be True Grit, but she’s been around forever and she gives some great kisses.

Anyway, being back in Jersey made me take a walk down memory lane and I started thinking about what I was doing this time of year as a high school senior. I had recently been accepted to my first choice college; they had rolling admission which I took advantage of at a visit day in the spring of my junior year.

Which made me realize the importance of visiting the colleges that you’re interested in, even slightly. I was on the fence about my now alma mater, until I visited—and I literally filled out the application on the spot.

So, while all of us are visiting you, start thinking about when you’re going to visit us! Check out for all of the opportunities this fall!