Break Time, Anyone?

Hello all :)

Who’s ready for a break? I know I am! Whether or not you will be celebrating the Thanksgiving Holidays, I hope everyone is excited for a mini vacation! It is a great time to reflect on all you’ve been able to accomplish this year and to start thinking about what the next year will bring.

I didn’t learn about thanksgiving until I moved to the U.S., it is not something that is commonly celebrated throughout Latin America. However, I have enjoyed celebrating it over the last couple of years. It always gets me excited for the holiday season.  And I am a very big fan of the food!


This year I am especially grateful for all of the new opportunities I’ve had and for having the opportunity to work daily with students like you!

Just as a reminder, our office will be closed starting on Thursday, November 26th and we will re-open on Monday, November 30th.  Be sure to continue to read our blog for up to date information as well upcoming office closure dates!

Have a wonderful rest of the week, everyone! Happy Tuesday and Happy Holidays!


5 Things With Ed: Reasons to Attend Transfer Open House

Hello and happy Monday!


Are you a transfer student wondering if UMBC is the right school for you to attend? Are you currently at a university and worrying it isn’t the right fit? Are you free on Friday (Nov. 20th)? Well then here are my top 5 reasons to attend UMBC’s Transfer Open House!

  1. You get to see campus! The easiest way to figure out how you feel about a school is to visit the campus. You will be able to experience and interact with everything from the students to the physical campus and get a feel for how well you could fit as a Retriever!umbc_sunrisehr
  2. Our admissions staff will be available to talk to! Do you have questions about transferring or the required documents? There’s no better way to understand the process than by asking the source directly.
  3. All of campus is there to support you! Resources from many of our on campus offices will be represented to help you understand everything about the transfer process including Financial Aid, Academic Advising, Athletics, and many more! It’s the perfect time to get all of your student life question answered.timeline_5
  4. Take a tour to get the inside scoop! Our amazing student tour guides are more than happy to show you and other prospective students around and let you know what it’s really like living a day in the life of a UMBC student. They also have secret tips of how to get involved and be successful on campus!
  5. Take the day to enjoy and explore! You can take advantage of our wonderful campus dining, pick up some new UMBC gear at the bookstore, or take a trip into Baltimore to become better acquainted with your future home!umbcbookstore

There are your five things for today! Make sure to say “Hi!” if you come to campus on Friday.

Let’s Take a Selfie!

Hello Future Retrievers,

I know it has been a while since I have written on the blog, but I have not forgotten about you! My travel season was an absolute blast, thanks to all of the students, parents, and counselors that took the time to speak with me and learn more about what UMBC has to offer!

I was able to visit over 100 high schools throughout Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey! After each visit, I felt that it would be the perfect time to take a SELFIE with some of my prospective Retrievers!!! The students enjoyed this notion equally as much as I did (okay…maybe not as much) and we were able to get some amazing shots. It would only be right to share them with all of you! You’ll be happy to know that the lighting was absolutely perfect in each shot :)!

Below, you will find only a third of the selfies taken this season in a Flipagram. Yes, you will notice that I chose the Friends theme song for the video! I felt that it directly correlated to how I feel and how everyone feels in the Undergraduate Admissions & Orientation Office; we’ll be there for you!

To view the video, all you have to do is click, here!

I want to thank everyone again for an awesome season! I hope I gave you all some RETRIEVER FEVER!!!

Remember to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram at UMBCadmissions! Tell me how you like the video :-)


Hello, Hello, Hello!

Hello all! My name is Gaby Romero and I am so happy to be introducing myself as one of the newer Admissions Counselors here in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. My territories this year are North Carolina, Virginia, Western Maryland, the Eastern Shore, and some parts of Anne Arundel County. I may have met some of you at your schools and/or college fairs!

Photo Sep 21, 9 39 12 AMPhoto Oct 23, 8 41 21 AM

It was great getting to visit all of your schools and a wide variety of new places. As Ed mentioned, after a long season of visits and college fairs I am happy to wind down and tell you a little bit about me!

I may be a new Admissions Counselor but I am very familiar with the UMBC Community! I just graduated from UMBC in May with a B.A. in Psychology and a Minor in Economics. I began working in the Undergraduate Admissions Office back in 2013 as a Student Assistant and have had many roles within the office that guided me to where I am today.

I am originally from San Salvador, El Salvador. I spent half my childhood there and moved to Maryland in 2001. My favorite part about my culture is definitely the food! But, I really love all kinds of food. I enjoy traveling and seeing new places and trying new experiences. I’m also a big sports fan, although I’d rather play them than watch them. I’m crazy about music! Whether it is listening to it, singing, dancing to it, or playing the guitar or ukulele. Last but not least, I love my family! They are my world; especially my puppy (yes, he is family). He is a cocker spaniel/poodle mix and his name is Blue.

Photo Oct 25, 3 46 35 PM I hope you enjoyed reading! I’ll be posting again soon so stay tuned!

5 Things With Ed: Ed’s Introduction

Hello Future Retrievers!

After a long travel season I am very excited to introduce myself to you all on our blog! I will be posting regularly and will try to keep my posts in a “5 Things” format. Every post will have a brief introduction with 5 thoughts from yours truly about the topic at hand. Today’s topic: Me! Without any further ado, 5 Things with Ed about Ed:

  1. Location, location, location: There have been three big locations in my life. I was born and raised in Lincroft, New Jersey for 18 years. I attended university and worked my first post graduate job in Blacksburg, VA at Virginia Tech. I recently moved to Baltimore and started my job with UMBC and have loved both the university and the city.
  2. Sports: I am a big fan of playing and watching sports. I played soccer my whole life and started playing volleyball in high school. Despite never playing football, I love watching it, especially college football!
  3. Books and Movies: I will watch or read nearly anything. However, when it comes to my favorite, I am a huge fan of Fantasy and Science Fiction. Included in my favorites are Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Prey, Jurassic Park, the entire Ender’s Game book series (I haven’t seen the movie yet!), A Song of Ice and Fire, and Firefly to name a few.

    Firefly anyone?

  4. Food: I will eat nearly anything. I tend to avoid raw tomatoes but everything outside of that is fair game. Home cooked favorites include spaghetti and sausage, corned beef and cabbage, and home made cheeseburgers with french fries. If I’m grabbing something fast I usually choose to get buffalo wings, especially if it is game day.

    Real footage of me on spaghetti night.

  5. My Job: I am one of the UMBC Admissions Counselors. I visit high schools, represent UMBC at college fairs, help people understand the application process, respond to phone calls and emails about UMBC, read applications, host visitors for Black and Gold Tours and Retriever Days, and help students find the right fit for their college experience. It is almost impossible for me to describe how much I love the work I do. College is exciting and the search for your right college is stressful. I hope to help at least some of you over the next few weeks, months, or years as you explore UMBC and find out if becoming a Retriever is the right move for you!

That’s all for now! More 5 Things with Ed to come!

HOMECOMING @ The House of Grit!

Hello out there! It seems appropriate that we pick back up with our blog posts with this year’s Homecoming celebration–aptly themed “Retriever Fever!” Careful–it’s contagious!


One of UMBC’s Homecoming traditions is the campus-wide office decorating contest, which makes it a super fun time to visit. Every office on campus is welcome to participate and many go all out to get everyone geared up for all of the great events. The Office of Undergraduate Admissions decided to go with the House of Grit and recognize all the types of retrievers you can find within our house.

First step–find out what kind of Retriever you are with some help from the “Sorting Bone.”

sorting bone

Then, learn the tools of the trade; are you a Maker? A Solver? An Explorer? A Thinker? Or, a Uniter?

Finally, take pride in your house! Of course at UMBC that means paw prints and dog bones for everyone! And it means that “being in the dog house” is actually the best thing ever!

in the house

Welcome to the DAWG HOUSE!

FullSizeRender (2)

Hello to all of my new UMBC Retrievers!


Join us on our Orientation Safari with our Orientation Peer Advisors (OPAs). Incoming students will have the chance to attend breakout sessions to learn more about UMBC’s academic requirements, campus resources, and student life.

Most importantly on this safari, you will meet with an academic advisor to discuss your academic goals, select, and register for your fall semester classes. Needless to say, our Orientation programs are mandatory!

For our admitted students who have not registered for an Orientation program yet, you will need to do so as soon as possible as our programs are already underway. You can register for a program by visiting Trust me; you do not want to miss all the fun (and treats) on this Safari ride!

FullSizeRender (1)

To meet more of our OPAs, click here!

You will be able to see what goes down in the DAWG House on our orientation instagram and twitter accounts @umbcorientation.


If you haven’t done so already, be sure to follow the UMBC C/O 2019 Facebook page, and follow us on twitter and instagram @UMBCadmissions.  Don’t be afraid to post a selfie or two with the #UMBCadmit15! smilely

A Bittersweet Arts Event

For the past 10 years, the Imaging Research Center has been home to a vibrant artist in residence, Kevin “Kal” Kallaugher, a world-renown political cartoonist. While in residence, Kal not only continued to work on his own practice and career, but helped to cultivate those of UMBC faculty, staff, and students. This past Tuesday, Kal kicked off his own farewell party with a lecture titled, “Where to Draw the Line: Cartooning in the Shadow of Charlie,” which spoke about the challenges of being a political cartoonist and how it specifically relates to the freedom of speech. A reception followed in the IRC, which included past and present members of the UMBC community.

Some sentiments that were shared about Kal…

“He always pushed me to give 10%, 20%, 30% more, and now that is the expectation that I have for myself–and my students.”

“I asked if I could contribute [to Democrazy], and for some reason you said ‘yes’!”

From digital 3D puppets to the development of the student-driven blog, USDemocrazy, Kal has implemented the interdisciplinary nature of UMBC and left his very signature mark on this campus.

You might be thinking, if he’s leaving why are you telling us this?

Simply because this is yet another example of how UMBC excels at bringing the very best into its community and we have no intention of stopping.


Hello Future Retrievers!

Less than 48 hours away you will be making one of the most important decisions in your life. What is that important decision you may ask? Well, I will tell you! May 1st is the deadline to accept your admission to UMBC and officially become a part of the RETRIEVER FAMILY. I know that for some of you this is a difficult decision, so I have come up with five reasons why UMBC is the place to be.


          The professors at UMBC are unlike any other and have an unusually strong                       commitment to teaching undergraduates. They have been recognized by U.S. News           and World Report as #5 for Best Undergraduate Teaching. We just so happen to                 rank before highly acclaimed universities such as, Stanford, Brown, and Yale!


            UMBC is located on 530 acres 15 minutes from Baltimore’s Inner Harbor and 30                 minutes from Washington, D.C. BWI Airport is five minutes away, as are AMTRAK             and light rail stations. WE ARE RIGHT OFF OF I-95.

baltimore harbor


            UMBC’s strength and success as a research university is founded in our signature             approach to inclusivity in the scholarly process and our nimble responsiveness as             a partner with other research organizations. Independent research under the                       mentorship of UMBC’s dedicated, talented faculty members can spark a student’s             lifelong interest in interdisciplinary learning.


We have over 250 student organizations that created and run by our students.                   They offer a wide array of opportunities to get involved on campus through the                      interest and causes you are passionate about.


We have 10 on-campus communities, all of which are fully furnished with wireless              internet, carpeted floors, monitors to control your temperature, and all rooms are                  suite-style. You will not have to share a bathroom with the entire hall here!  You                  only have to share with one with you suite mates.  Amazing Right?!

Those are just a few reasons why everyone should choose UMBC. We are excited to meet all you at orientation this summer. Remember… Do the right thing, and choose UMBC.

#UMBCadmit #TrueGrit #RetrieverFever #ChooseUMBC #48hours #May1#UMBCistheonlyway

Out of State Receptions, We’re Coming for You!

Hello again,

This week in April is one of the busiest weeks for the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Not only do we have college fairs in our perspective regions, but we also have our Out of State Receptions.  We could be coming to a city near you!

These events offer a unique, one of a kind, opportunity for invited students to talk directly with distinguished members of the UMBC community, as well as current students. You will be able to learn about world-class academic programs; internships and other real-world experiences; study abroad; and campus life. Below, you will see what day we will touch down in your city.

Tuesday, April 21st

New Jersey Reception

Wednesday, April 22nd

New York Reception

Thursday, April 23rd

Pennsylvania Reception

We look forward to meeting all of you this week. For all of my Future Retrievers, make sure you come ready to learn, prepared with questions, and be ready to have your mind blown from all of the information that will show you why UMBC is the place to be!