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  1. Hello!

    I am applying to UMBC as a transfer student from Montgomery College, and I have a question about the Academic History segment of the application:

    There are three boxes that say “Credits Attempted,” “Credits Earned” and “Degree Earned.” As of right now, I have forty-five credits, and I am taking fifteen credits this semester. Should I fill out the section to represent where I am now, meaning that I should put 60 credits in the attempted box, 45 credits in the earned category, and N/A for the degree earned box? Or should I fill out the section as if I already finished my stay at Montgomery College, with 60 credits in the attempted and earned categories, and A.A. in the degree earned box?

    Thanks in advance,

    • Hi Maia,
      Since your Spring courses are in progress you should fill out the application indicating that you have 45 attempted and earned credits. For some students the attempted and earned credit number might be different if they had a course they did not pass.
      Since your courses are in-progress please make sure to include a list of the classes you are taking with your application. You can also indicate that you anticipate earning your A.A. degree.

  2. Hello!

    I applied to UMBC Regular Decision on February 1st, I was wondering when I will receive a reply from UMBC? I was also wondering if I will get a reply by the mail or online?


    • Hi Sam,
      Regular Decision applicants can expect to hear from our office in early-March. It takes a while to process the volume of applications we receive but we send decision letters as soon as we are able. We notify all students of their decisions through the mail. Thanks!

  3. Hello! I am a student that is going to apply to UMBC this year. Can my teachers submit their recommendations through the Common App, as well? Thank you!

    • Hi Erin,

      Yes, your teachers or counselors can submit letters of recommendation online! In fact, we are asking students to submit everything online, if possible. The Common App allows you to apply online, submit letters of recommendation online, and submit transcripts online. Let me know if you have additional questions. Thanks!

  4. The Common Application shows UMBC having a supplement, but is not available yet. When will it be submitted to the Common App and what is it?

    • Hi Bryan,
      The Common Application required some last minute changes of the UMBC supplement which caused a delay in the release. However, we expect the supplement to be available in 1-2 weeks. The UMBC supplement does not ask for a lot of additional information so it shouldn’t take you long to complete once it is available. Thanks for your patience!

  5. Hello!

    I understand that a teacher can submit their recommendations through the Common Application, but there is also a UMBC Recommendation form available for download. Should the teacher only complete one, or both?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Herta,

      Only one form is needed with a letter of recommendation and it would be our preference that your teacher use the electronic method of submitting a letter of recommendation through the Common Application. The UMBC printable form is not needed.


    • Hi Priya,

      For fall 2012 freshmen applicants to be guaranteed a review for our merit-based scholarships they must submit their completed application by our November 1 Early Action deadline. You can still apply for the Honors College or Scholars Programs and submit those applications by their own deadlines, but your Undergraduate application should be submitted by November 1 to be reviewed for merit-based scholarships.

  6. Hello!
    I’m a student applying to UMBC this fall and I was wondering if it was necessary for me to send my AP scores to UMBC for the admissions process, or to self-report and send scores if I get accepted. Thanks so much!

    • Hi Sofia,

      AP scores are not required with your Undergraduate application. You can wait to send scores until you have decided whether or not you will enroll at UMBC.

  7. Hello! I’m transfering from CCBC down the street and I just want to know if letters of recommendation are mandatory for transfer students? If not, does this weight against our applications? Thank you.

    • Hi Krys,
      Letters of recommendation are not required for any applicant but they are highly suggested. Not submitting letters won’t count against you but submitting letters of recommendation can be a chance for the Admissions Counselors to have another item to consider when reviewing an application.

  8. Hello.

    I’m an international student currently studying at the community college in CA and already applied to UMBC using common application. I checked my status and noticed there is still “transcripts” in To-Do-List. I checked my college if they already processed my transcript. The current college processed on Oct. 13th, and the previous one did on Oct. 14th. Is it usual to take more than two weeks to be reflected in myUMBC?

    By the way, I asked my colleges to send my transcript to the address below. First of all, is this the collect address? (though I asked admission office where I have to send the transcript and this is what I got, so it must be collect. But if not, I have to ask again. So, I want to make sure)

    Jaime Oleksik
    UMBC Office of Undergraduate Admissions
    1000 Hilltop Circle
    Baltimore, MD 21250

    • Yohka,

      Like I said in our email correspondence, it may take a bit of time for your documents to arrive in our office and be uploaded. I will put you in contact with our on-call counselor who on Monday will be able to check the documents that are in the to-be-scanned pile. That is the correct address that you’ve listed for international documents, so we should receive them soon.

  9. I currently hold a BS and MS in the computer information field. I am looking to reinvest in my technical education and am interested in getting back to programming and embedded / assembly areas specifically. I haven’t programmed in quite a few years, so I intend to start at the freshman level. I want to do a BS degree, but am not interested in the GE requirements. Looking for advice.

    • RW,

      You would apply to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions as a transfer student. The application is available through the Common App at Because you already have a degree, you will be able to transfer up to 90 of those credits, which should take care of most of the general education program requirements. Though you would have to meet with an advisor once admitted to actually plan out your schedule; the advisor would be able to tell you exactly which courses transferred and which you need to take.

    • Hi Trudy,
      Students are charged as in-state or out-of-state students for tuition purposes, and this is determined by residency status. No discount is given to individuals with family members also attending UMBC.

  10. Hello,

    I am filling out a supplement to UMBC through Common App, and I was wondering what the word limit was for the essay and the three short answers. Thank you!

    • Hi Sarah,
      If you are completing essays on the supplement you are working on the Honors College application (the admissions essay is on the main portion of the Common App). The Honors College suggest approximately 600 words for their essay and a paragraph for each short answer question.

  11. Hello.

    I am a high school senior in Baltimore County ,Maryland.
    I was planning on doing early action but I am most likely not going to meet the deadline. So can I send my application next week (11/7 – 11/11)? I do know it would be considered regular decision. I just want to know if it is too early for regular decision.

    Also my counselor is sending the recommendation letter by mail but my teacher is sending it through common app. Is this OK?

    • Hi Nihil,
      If you apply after November 1 your application will be considered Regular Decision. Applying in mid-November is not too early for Regular Decision but we do not begin releasing Regular Decision notifications until late-February.
      Also, we prefer that as much of your application be sent through Common Application as possible, but if something needs to be mailed that is acceptable.

  12. Hello,

    I’m planning to apply to UMBC for regular decision.
    But I will be submitting application by mid-December.
    Will I be able to know my result before march or april?

    Thank you

    • Hi Sara,
      Regular Decision notifications start arriving to students in the late-February, early-March time frame. If you complete your application before our Regular Decision deadline you will certainly receive a decision before April.

  13. Hello,
    I’m applying to UMBC early action through the common app, and I received a letter in the mail saying that I could get a fee waiver because of the National Achievement Scholarship. It requested that I provide verification of the award. I was wondering what the best way to do that would be. Can I just scan it and put it in the additional documents section on the common app?


    • Hi Derick,
      Yes, you can upload your application fee waiver verification in the ‘additional documents’ section of the Common App. If fact, it is our preference that you submit supporting documents electronically in that manner.

  14. Good Evening,

    My school counselors are unable to submit any of my information online. What is the address I send my paper forms to?

    Thank you in advance,
    Olivia Dickens

    • Hi Olivia,
      While our preferred method to receive documents is electronically via the Common Application, if something needs to be mailed it can be addressed the following address:
      Office of Undergraduate Admissions
      1000 Hilltop Circle
      Baltimore, MD 21250

  15. Hello!
    I was wondering if you knew anything about the Meyerhoff Scholarship. Do we have to get recommendations that are unique from the ones on our UMBC applications or can we use the same recommendations for the Scholarship? Thanks!

    • Hi Erin,
      If you feel that the letters of recommendation you provided with your undergraduate application are appropriate for your Meyerhoff application you can use those letters, but additional copies will need to be sent directly to the Meyerhoff program.

      • Hi Josh. Does the Meyerhoff application review committee have access to the material submitted for admission through Common App(i.e.: essay, supplimental Honors College app, ECs, references, transcripts, etc.). I understand that additional materials are submitted seperately to Meyerhoff program, but I had assumed that since the Meyerhoff app didn’t request additional transcript, that the program had access to and reviewed the file held by admissions. Am I wrong?

      • Hi Chris,
        The Meyerhoff office does not use the information specific to the undergraduate application (admissions essay, supplement, Honors College essays, etc.) in their review. You are not required to send your academic information directly to the Meyerhoff office but you should plan to send letters of recommendation that you want used with your Meyerhoff application directly to the Meyerhoff office. The Admissions Office and the Meyerhoff Office are separate and we do not have overlap with our files or applications.

      • Hi Josh. Thanks for that clarification. If I understand you correctly, transcripts submitted in common app are accessible to meyerhoff for review. With that in mind, would mid-year semester grades submitted to your office also be available to meyerhoff. Just trying to understand, which information is being shared exactly and what needs to be sent seperately. I’m also assuming that Honors college review has access to full CA information. Thanks for helping to clarify.

  16. Hello,

    I sent in my Undergraduate Admission app. Early Action through the Common App. On the supplement I checked that I was not interested in being considered for the Honors College, but my decision has changed since then. Can I still send in a separate Honors College application?

    Thank you for your time,

    Marissa P.

      • Josh,

        Thank you so much for your help! 🙂

        One more question: I am also applying to the Humanities Scholars Program. On the application, there is a question that says, “Would you like to be considered for admission to the Honors College on the basis of this application?” Does this mean I only send in the Humanities Scholars application? I would hate to be wrong and miss out on the Honors College opportunities.

        Thank you for your time,


      • Hi Marissa,
        Some Scholars Program applications allow you to indicate that you would like your Scholars Program application to also be used for review for the Honors College program. If you complete the Humanities Scholars application and select that you would also want the application used for the Honors College, you’ll be reviewed for both programs using just one application.

  17. Hello,

    I am currently an active soldier in the military, and my contract is not over until March 2013. Would it be too early for me to send an application now? Also, what would I need to do to receive the in-state tuition rate?

    • Hi Jaffie,
      At this point the application for the semester you intend to apply (fall 2012, I assume) would not be available. You should plan to apply during the spring of 2013. On the application you will see information about submitting military forms for proof of in-state residency classification. Thanks!

  18. Hi,
    I recently submitted the Common App for admission to the UMBC Shady Grove campus. The only essay prompt that it indicated me to fill out was the one asking why I wanted to transfer and what I hoped to achieve; the other essay prompts indicated that they were for the Honors Program so I did not complete those. To be considered for the Academic Achievement Transfer Scholarship, do I need to complete a different essay? If so, where would that essay prompt be available?

    Thanks so much,

    • Hi Paige,
      No additional essay is needed to be considered for our merit-based transfer scholarships. If you have earned 35 college credits, have at least a 3.5 cumulative GPA, and apply by March 15 you will be considered for our transfer scholarships. Thanks!

  19. Hi Josh,
    My daughter is interested in transferring from Montgomery college (she graduates this Spring) into the undergrad Social Work program. She has been to join Phi Theta Kappa. She is wondering if it is too late to join as a sophomore. Would joining be a help in getting scholarships and/or grants?
    She is interested in Child Welfare and counseling, and hopes to live in the dorms if she is admitted. Any tips or info much appreciated! –
    Mary S.

    • Hi Mary,
      Congrats to your daughter for becoming part of PTK. I wouldn’t think it would be too late for her to join, and if she is a member if allows her to be considered for our Phi Theta Kappa transfer scholarship (assuming she applies by our priority deadline, which is March 15 for the fall term). Applying to UMBC earlier also allows her to apply for housing earlier after she receives her admissions decision.

  20. Hi Josh,

    My son was recently notified that he was put on waitlist for Fall 2012. I was wondering when will he be notified of a decision and what percent are actually accepted from the waitlist pool because this is one of his top choice schools.

    Thank You

    • Hi Meghan,
      As we continue to monitor our enrollment confirmation numbers we will make decisions on whether or not we can offer admission to students on the wait list. In past years we have been able to make admissions offers from the wait list, but I do not have an admissions percentage for our wait list students. The number of student we offer admission to from the wait list is dependent on how many admitted students accept our offer of admission. We also do not have an exact date of notification for our wait list students, but we do our best to notify these students before the May 1 deadline.

  21. Hi there,

    I am applying as a transfer student for fall 2012 and I am confused about which (out of the four) school forms are required as part of the common application. I am currently not enrolled and am not able to physically talk to my current university faculty due to location. I do not want to email professors and/or advisors about filling out forms if they are not necessary. Since I am currently not taking any courses, I would assume that the mid-term report isn’t applicable. I would appreciate any clarification.

    Thank you

    • Hi Mehie,
      As a transfer student you are required to complete the application, which has three parts: application, supplement, application fee. The other school forms you see (adviser recommendation, counselor report, etc.) are optional for transfer students but can be submitted if a student wants those items included with their application.

  22. Hello,

    My friends and I were wondering if freshmen can apply for triple rooms to live on campus, and if we can apply for triple rooms what are our chances of getting the room if other people can apply. If freshmen can not get a triple room I would also want to know if you can request to have connecting double rooms so my friends and I can room together.

    Thank you in advance

    • Hi Ryan,
      I know that students can request their roommate when completing the housing application but I am not sure if it is possible to request a triple, or if it is possible to request your connecting room. Since I am not one hundred percent sure you are welcome to contact our Office of Residential Life (

  23. What if I happen to apply with more than 60 credits
    Will all of my credits transfer or the first 60 credits will transfer.

    • Hi SM,
      Students transferring from a community college can transfer a maximum of 60 credits. The Office of the Registrar will evaluate the first 60 credits on the transcript, but if there are classes after the first 60 credits that you instead wish to transfer you can complete some paperwork to swap courses.

      • so not all credits will be transferred? what if I want all my credits to transfer then?

  24. Hello, I have attended community college since i graduated from high school and will have 60 credits when i get done with this semester. I want to transfer to UMBC for the fall semester. My GPA right now is a 2.75/4.0. I am repeating a class in the summer to bring my GPA up. I have taken most of the pre requirements including A&P I, Microbiology, General Chem I, and II. I am applying for biological science major. Is there any chance of me getting into UMBC for next semester?

    • Hi ben8034,
      Without being able to see your entire academic record and an application I certainly can’t say for sure whether or not you would be offered admission. However, a 2.75 cumulative college GPA is certainly not outside the range of our consideration. The average GPA for admitted transfer students is about a 3.0.

  25. Hi
    I have accepted to UMBC for the Fall 2012 as a transfer student. What if I want to drop one class at Montgomery College in this semester, is it going to affect the acceptance to UMBC or anything else?
    Thank you so much

    Thienan Phan

  26. Hello, Josh
    My son got wait-listed as an upcoming freshmen. I was wondering when we will hear back from the school because the may 1st deadline is approaching will we hear back before that deadline because it is the only college he is waiting for.

    • Hi Tara,
      Our review of the wait list applicants is greatly affected by the enrollment confirmations we’re receiving from admitted students. At this point we do not have an exact date for wait list decision release, but at the latest we’ll send wait list notifications to students in late-May. While we would like to be able to send decision letters to wait list students before May 1, we cannot guarantee this will be possible.

  27. Hi josh, when i went ahead to do the common application for UMBC online. it says the application is due may 30th. Is that right or May 1st?

  28. Hello, I was wondering if I were to apply as a transfer student would one failed course hurt my chances of getting accepted. I currently have a 3.3 gpa.

    • Hi T,
      When we review a transfer student’s application we will take into consideration the overall academic record. One failed class will not necessarily take a student out of consideration for admissions. However, it can depend on what we see in the rest of the academic record. We’ll consider grades in individual courses, overall GPA, trends we see with grades, and over number of earned credits.

    • Hi Sarah,
      A transfer student can typically expect to have his or her transfer credit report posted to his or her myUMBC account three to four weeks after an admissions letter is received.

  29. I’m applying as a transfer student and would like to know where to have my letters of recommendation sent. Can they be submitted online directly from a recommended?

    • Hi Will,
      The Common Application will allow those writing your letters of recommendation to submit the letters electronically. If for some reason the letters cannot be submitted online, the letters can be mailed to the following address:
      Office of Undergraduate Admissions
      1000 Hilltop Circle
      Baltimore, MD 2150

  30. Hi, I plan to apply to UMBC in the spring of 2013. By that time I will already have a bachelor’s degree from Penn State. I will be applying to pursue another bachelor’s degree. How do I go about applying since I will have already graduated? Do I apply as a transfer student?

    • HI Anya,
      You’re correct, you will apply as a transfer student. Our application for the spring 2013 semester will be available August 1, 2012. The priority deadline for the spring term is November 1. Take care!

  31. when filling out my FAFSA, I checked that i wanted to be considered for work study. How do i determine the amount ill receive?

      • Thank you for the prompt reply. I had another question regarding the transfer credit evaluation. What do I do if I feel that the evaluation doesnt fully reflect the courses I have taken?

      • Hi Sarah,
        The transfer credit evaluations are completed by the Office of the Registrar so if you have questions about your evaluation you are welcome to follow up with that office directly. To contact the Office of the Registrar I recommend submitting an RT Help ticket using the Help link in your myUMBC account.

  32. Hello,
    I would like to know the classes I would be taking if I were studying psychology in UMBC for the fall 2012?

    • Hi Cindy,
      I can’t say what your exact schedule would be since you will set your own schedule while working with an academic adviser. However, if you would like to learn more about the coursework required for a Psychology major please see the following link:

  33. Good morning,
    I was recently honorably discharged from the United States Navy and am hoping to start school this spring. I graduated in 2006 and I’m uncertain if my ACT scores are still useful. I have the new MGI Bill and I am just really not sure how to preceed with trying to start school. How do I go about it?

    • Hi Shannon,
      If you would be applying as a freshmen applicant (an applicant without any college coursework) we would require your application, official high school transcript, essay, and application fee. However, for freshmen applicants who graduated three or more years ago we do not require test scores.

      For military benefit information you will work with the Office of the Registrar. For more information on the process I recommend the following link:

      Please let us know if you have further questions.

  34. Does UMBC accept ACT scores instead of SAT? And if the answer yes, is there a preference for SAT over ACT? I found information on your site only for SAT’s.

    Also, when considering scholarships, are SAT or ACT scores a key factor, weighted equally or higher than grades or rank or difficulty of my high school courses? What if I do not test well, but otherwise have a good record?

    • Hi Nils,
      For first-year applicants we require test scores, and we accept either the SAT or the ACT. We have no preference for one exam over the other, we suggest sending all possible scores and we will just use your highest scores when reviewing your application.
      For merit-based scholarship consideration the staff the Scholarships Office will consider your overall academic record. This will include reviewing your coursework, grades, trends with grades, and standardized test scores. If you have strong grades there can be some leeway with test scores, but because scholarships are competitive a student typically will need fairly good test scores (along with good grades) to be competitive for scholarships.

  35. I completed my common application for spring 2013, however I can’t access the supplement, because it says offline. When do you think it’ll be available?

      • Hi Josh,

        I have another question, it may sound silly, however, I can’t seem to find the link for submitting letters of recommendations online. Is there a link for it? Or can I just ask to have them sent by mail?

        Thank you.

  36. Hello,

    I want to apply as a Transfer in Spring ’13 because I am graduating with my AA from Howard Community College in December. When can I apply for the Spring?


    • Hi Matt,
      The Common Application for the spring 2013/fall 2013 term is currently available online, however, the supplement will not be available until mid-to-late August. You’re welcome to start your spring application, but just make sure to wait until the supplement is available before submitting your application. The spring deadlines for admission are November 1 (priority) and December 15 (final).

    • Hi Keilah,
      While we do not have an existing degree in criminal justice we have had students at UMBC pursue a criminal justice program through our Interdisciplinary Studies major. In the INDS program students take classes across different disciplines and create their own major. For an example of a criminal justice program through the Interdisciplinary Studies major please see the following link:

  37. if i apply for spring by the priority deadline and don’t get in can i reapply for regular deadline?
    will there still be space available for students applying by the regular deadline?

    • Hi Sana,
      If you will be a spring transfer applicant the priority deadline for admission primarily impacts your consideration for our transfer scholarships. For admissions consideration, a student who applies for the priority deadline may receive their decision letter sooner, but our review process for the priority deadline and the regular deadline is the same. Students should not submit more than one admissions application for a term.

      • So if I apply by regular deadline the space will still be available for spring ?

      • Hi Sana,
        Correct, as long as you meet our regular (final) deadline for the spring you’ll receive full consideration for admission. However, the advantage to applying earlier, and not waiting until the regular deadline, is that if you’re admissible you will receive a decision letter earlier than if you wait to submit your application. If you apply early and are not admissible when you apply, we will simply wait to receive your fall grades before making an admissions decision.

    • Hi Anya,
      The UMBC Common Application supplement should be available mid-to-late August. While you wait for the supplement you can take time to work on the application portion and prepare other materials, including requests for transcripts and letters of recommendation (which we prefer to be sent electronically through the Common App).

  38. I am planning to apply to UMBC Early Action. I am still waiting for the UMBC supplement to be posted. Besides the Common Application standard essay questions, will there be other essay questions posted on the supplement for all applicants? Will the supplement contain information about applying to the Honors College? I would like to get started on the essays for the Honors College. Can you tell me if these will be the choice of essays for the Honors College for freshmen applicants for the fall of 2013?
    1) Describe a work of art (a movie, a novel or poem, a piece of art or music) that had a profound effect on you, and explain why it had this effect.
    2) Many of the problems of the 21st century will require interdisciplinary solutions. That is, to solve these problems it will be necessary to integrate knowledge and ways of thinking from different fields, such as from biology and public policy or automotive engineering and ergonomics, literature and neuroscience. The Honors College tries to foster such interdisciplinary thinking. Discuss a problem you have studied or know about that needs an interdisciplinary solution.

    • Hi Melissa,
      The supplement should be available soon, we’re sorry about the delay. The supplement does not ask for a lot of additional information, we are primarily asking for information about residency and intended major. There are no additional admissions essays on the supplement.
      However, the Honors College application is found on the supplement. I believe the Honors College questions you listed are for the upcoming year, but I would suggest contacting the Honors College (410-455-3720) to confirm.

  39. Hi, I tried to apply to UMBC today, but it says that the supplement is not up yet. Can you tell me when I can expect it to be up?? thanks

    • Hi Sal,
      We were hoping to have the supplement available by September, but it appears that it will be a few more days. We’ll post an update to the blog once the supplement is available, but I would expect the supplement to go live any day now.

    • Hi David,
      We’re anticipating that the supplement will be available very soon. Please do not submit the paper application or supplement, our preference is to receive electronic applications.

  40. When I previewed the “Future Plans” section in the common app it is blank although I already filled out everything. I even tried to saved it multiple times but it remains blank each time I preview it. Is this an error from the commonapp or it just happens to me? Should I just send my application anyway?

    • Hi Christian,
      It is possible your Future Plans section appears blank since that section could be different from school to school if you are applying to multiple schools using your Common App. However, I do not know this for sure, so you may want to use the Help button on your Common App to verify.
      Also, at this time you may want to wait to submit your Common App to UMBC since our supplement is not yet available. As a reminder, for your application to be fully submitted to UMBC you’ll need to click submit on three sections: application, supplement, and payment.

  41. Hello, I would like to know if my MATH and ENG courses taken at UMUC will transfer to UMBC. I heard about the Artsys website but UMUC is not part of the sending institutions, it is listed under the receiving institutions. So I wanted to know if my classes will transfer this Spring2013 to UMBC, since both are participating institutions. Thank you in advance!

    • Hi LaMoune,
      As a general guideline, it is possible to transfer credits to UMBC if the courses you’ve completed were at a regionally accredited college or university (UMUC has regional accreditation), the courses were 100-level or higher courses in academic areas of study, and typically you need to have earned at least a C in the course. For additional information on the transfer credit process please see the following link:

  42. Hi, I’m a Junior at Liberty High School in Carroll County. And I’m applying to go to UMBC for the 2014-2015 school year. And i was confused on the social worker program. So in order to get my bachelor in social work do i still go to the UMBC school of social work? because on the SSW website it was mainly talking about the master degree and not the bachelor degree… And also i was wondering if i can still do early decision if I’m missing an english credit? because i have all of my math, science, social studies, etc but i wont be able to complete my 4th credit of English until the end of my senior year.

  43. Hello, I am finishing the Common App Supplement and I got the problem with the question ;”Is Maryland state income tax currently being withheld from your pay?” I file tax with 1099 form and I pay the Income Tax at the end of the year, so I do not know to answer YES or NO? Can you show me how to check on the copy of my 1040 tax 2011?? Thanks for your time.

    • Hi David,
      If income tax is not currently being withheld from your pay because you pay income tax at the end of the year, you should respond “No” to that question, and your explanation should include that it is not withheld because you pay end-of-year income tax.

      • Hi Josh, I did not completely that question so, I answer “YES” and I already submit the application. Will I get any problem with that or Is there anyway that I can change it, Thanks Josh

      • Hi David,
        It is fine if you answered “Yes” since income tax is being paid in Maryland at the end of the year.

  44. Hi. I am applying as a freshman for the fall of 2013. I am going to submit an Official Transcript from McDaniel College for a Forensic Science program I attended this summer. Is it okay if I mail the Official Transcript myself (in a sealed envelope from McDaniel College) with other documents I am mailing to UMBC or do you prefer I have the transcript sent to the Admissions Office directly from McDaniel? I would prefer to mail it myself, if that is acceptable, to keep track of everything I mail, but please let me know your preference.

    • Hi Melissa,
      If possible, it would be our preference to receive an electronic transcript from McDaniel College. If McDaniel cannot send an electronic transcript you are welcome to mail the transcript, and the mailed transcript can come from you if it is in a sealed envelope.

  45. Hi. I was notified that I am a National Merit Commended Scholar for 2013. Are application fees waived for Commended Scholars or any other scholarships offered at UMBC to Commended Scholars? I have not received the official letter from the National Merit Scholarship Corporation, but when I do, should I send a copy of that letter with other application materials that I plan to mail?

  46. Hello!

    I am in the process of applying to UMBC’s undergrad program by the November 1st deadline. I also plan to apply to the Honors College by the January deadline. In the UMBC supplement, it asks for the additional essays if one wants to apply to the Honors College. Can I still apply to the Honors College in January if I don’t send in the additional essays for the November deadline? Thanks!

    • Hi Amy,
      If you don’t complete the Honors College application on the Common App supplement, you can instead print a copy of the Honors College application from the UMBC website. The Honors College application deadline is January 15.

      • so on the common application, where it asks whether you plan on applying to the honors college, should i select “no” and apply later on, or select ‘yes’ and simply do not upload a document?

  47. Good morrow,

    I have a question regarding the Oct 6th SAT scores. Since I am applying for early action and the deadline in November 1st, should I send those scores using rush shipping or the regular shipping option?


    • Hi Akash,
      We can use the October SAT for Early Action consideration, but if you’ve not already sent your scores you will need to have the scores sent via rush delivery.

  48. Do you have to apply early action to UMBC to be considered for the Honors College? or can you select ‘no’ on the common app when it asks whether or not you are applying to the Honors College and then apply for the HC later on (deadline jan 15th,2013)
    thank you!

    • Hi Ali,
      You do not need to submit your Honors College application by the November 1 Early Action deadline if you need additional time to complete your Honors College app. I recommend submitting your admissions application by November 1, but you can later go back and print the Honors College application from the UMBC website since the Honors College deadline is January 15.

  49. An admissions counselor said that they extended the deadline for Early Action deadline until Nov 8 because of Hurricane Sandy. But i did not see any public release of this info….

    • Hi Teena,
      As you’ll see from my post today on the blog, we have extended the Early Action deadline by one week. We have added this message to our voice mail, and we’re working to add this to the UMBC Admissions website. Since the university is closed today due to inclement weather, it may take time for the updated message about Early Action to appear online.

      • Hi !! Since the Early Action deadline has been extended by one week, do we expect to receive the decision letter from Admissions Department 2 weeks after the new deadline , which is around late November?????

      • Hi John,
        Decision letters for Fall 2013 Early Action applicants are mailed at the end of December.

    • Hi John,
      The Spring deadline is considered a priority deadline, but if differs from our Fall Early Action deadline. We will begin releasing our Spring 2013 decision letters in mid-November, and Spring letters will be released on a rolling basis.

  50. Hello,
    When will early action decisions for spring 2013 be posted online and/or mailed? I have enrollment confirmation deadlines from other schools approaching.

    • Hi Zach,
      We release our Spring 2013 decisions on a rolling basis beginning in mid-November. Our first batch of Spring decision letters is scheduled to be mailed at the end of this week. Moving forward, Spring applicants should allow 2-3 weeks for their application to be processed, and a letter should arrive to the student 2-3 weeks after the processing period.

  51. Hello! Can you please direct me as to how an alumni of UMBC can make a recommendation for an incoming freshman for academic year 2013-2014 who would be an huge asset to UMBC community?

    • Hi Ashley,
      Letters of recommendation can be submitted via mail to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Please be sure to include the applicant’s full name and date of birth on the letter so it can be matched with the application.

  52. I recently applied to UMBC as a transfer student for the spring 2013 semester. All my transcripts were submitted and the status of my application went from incomplete to complete for a couple days. Then the status changed to incomplete, indicating that I need to turn in my current semester transcripts. I’m assuming that I my admissions decision will be made after I turn in my transcript from my current school for this semester?

    • Hi Anya,
      This is correct. After our office receives your final grades we will make a decision on your application and mail a decision letter. Please be sure to send your official transcript with final grades as soon as possible.

  53. I have been admitted to UMBC for Fall 2013, I am wondering when I will know if I have been admitted into the College of Engineering?

    • Hi Heather,
      There is not a separate process to apply for admission to a specific major or college. However, some majors have gateway course requirements that are completed at UMBC. Students typically need to earn certain grades in these gateway courses in order to remain in their major. For information about majors please see our course catalog:

  54. Was the online application status on MyUMBC of being accepted updated for everyone for Early Action for Fall 2013? I was curious because some of my friends went on their accounts and saw that they were accepted and I wasn’t.

    • Hi Jacob,
      Our official method of notifying students of their decisions is through the letter we mail. If you’ve not already received your decision letter it should arrive to you soon.

  55. I applied to umbc through early action and everyone else that applied already got their acceptance/rejection letters but my application still says “incomplete” online…when would I receive my acceptance/ or rejection letter?

  56. On myUmbc account, my application status still says complete. Many of my friends already received their decisions. What does this mean?

    • Hi Liban,
      Our official method of notifying students of their decisions is through the letter we mail. If you’ve not already received your decision letter it should arrive to you soon.

  57. Hi, I applied for early decision(Nov 1st) and I just recieved a mail saying that I’ve been deferred, I was wondering if you guys can give me your best approximation of the percentage of applicants who get admitted after being deferred to regular decision, thanks.

    • Hi Jerry,
      Our Early Action application period is our more competitive application period. I don’t have numbers on the percentage of deferred students who are then admitted, but overall we accept a larger percent of our applicant pool during Regular Decision compared to Early Action.

  58. Also, I am applying for early decision. Even if I do not qualify for scholarships, I can still apply and probably get accepted without receiving any awards right?

  59. Hi ! I applied for the early action and my application was deferred to regular decision. So do I need to add any specific information to my application for the Regular decision ? And one more thing, since English is my second language, am I supposed to take the Toefl test ? Or I just need to take it only if UMBC requires me to ?
    Thanks !

    • Hi Quynh,
      Early Action applicants who were deferred to Regular Decision are not required to send any additional information for their applications. Regarding English proficiency, our office would typically contact a student if a TOEFL exam was a required part of a student’s application.

    • And is it accurate if you got in on your umbc account?
      Some of my friends got accepted but did not have that star on their application status. So is that not accurate 100% right now? Thank you!

      • Hi Christine,
        On Monday we started to release Regular Decision admissions letters. The batch we released on Monday included students who were deferred from Early Action to Regular Decision. The letter is our official method of notifying students of their admissions decisions.

  60. Hi, few of my friends have found out that they got accepted to umbc online, mine still stay as “complete” does that mean I did not get accepted?

    • Hi Jerry,
      Our official method of notifying students of their decisions is through the letter we mail. If an application status in myUMBC says “complete,” it could mean the application is still under review, or it could mean that we have made a decision but we’ve not yet sent a decision letter. Students should consider their decision letter the official communication of a decision from the Admissions Office.

  61. Hi!, I am a high school student and already applied and was waitlisted. If I change any of my classes to easier ones, would that affect the decision process? Will I be able to change my schedule such as turning rigorous classes to leisure ones right now??

    • Hi Kevin,
      I would not recommend changing your schedule to an easier course load. Our expectation is that you will continue with challenging curriculum during your senior year, and when we review the wait list we consider a student’s overall curriculum (including the classes being taken during senior year). Keep working hard during senior year, and don’t succumb to senioritis 🙂

  62. Hi !
    I applied to UMBC through regular decision and I just received my acceptance letter today. I was just wondering if I will still be considered for a merit based scholarship even though I did not apply through early action?

    • Hi Karol,
      For an applicant to be guaranteed to be reviewed for merit-based scholarships, she or he would have needed to apply by the November 1 Early Action deadline. Scholarship reviews will continue beyond the Early Action deadline if scholarship funding is still available to offer, but given how competitive our Early Action applicant pool was, it is unlikely we will conduct additional scholarship reviews this year. As a reminder, if you’ve not already done so, please be sure to apply for need-based aid using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

  63. Hi, I am a high school student who applied to UMBC early and got deferred and waitlisted again. When I was applying early, I also applied for Meyerhoff scholorship but because I was deferred and waitlisted, in case I get acceptance letter in future, will I be eligible for the scholarship that I applied? Thank you

    • Hi Kevin,
      Feel free to follow up with me directly at jlubben [at] umbc dot edu regarding your application status and your application to the scholars program.

  64. Hello,
    I was wondering, if I come to UMBC next year (as a freshman), Can I apply for more scholarships? (Right now I would pay-14,000 a year.) Are their Scholarship Options ll four years?
    Thanks ~kp

    • Hi Kreena,
      Our merit-based scholarships, as well as the Scholars Programs, are only open to new freshmen. There do exist some departmental scholarships at UMBC, which are typically for students in their junior and senior years. The departmental scholarships are limited, and are usually given to top students within the major.

      On the website of our Financial Aid and Scholarships Office you will find a tool known as Scholarship Retriever: This search engine helps current UMBC students identify scholarship opportunities. The scholarships may not be offered from UMBC, but if you are awarded a scholarship from an outside organization, you can certainly use that scholarship at UMBC.

  65. Hi Josh, Will admitted students be receiving more detailed info on the Apr 13th New Student Day event? I’m not finding much info about it online other than Hollin’s post. Thanks.

    • Hi Kelly,
      Invitations for New Student Day have been mailed as well as emailed. Most invites should have arrived to admitted students, but if you still have questions let us know. Thanks!

  66. Hello Josh, so I was wait-listed from UMBC, but I did what the letter told me to do, like sending in my mid term report and I just took my ACT today, but my question is when is the earliest and latest to hear back from you guys for all the wait-listed applicants? I am worried that my ACT score might not reach you guys before you guys make your decision.

  67. Hi Josh, I want to apply as a transfer student to UMBC for the spring of 2014 but that option is not available on the Common Application yet. Do I have to wait for that option to become available before submitting my application or should can I submit for fall 2013 and wait to sign up for classes in spring 2014? If I get accepted, will my acceptance still hold if I decide to register in spring 2014 instead of fall 2013?

    • Hi Chineze,

      The application for the Spring 2014-Fall 2014 academic year will be available beginning August 1, 2013. You should wait to submit the Common Application until the Spring 2014 term is available.

    • Hi Kevin,
      We have released some of our freshmen wait list decisions, but we have not released our entire wait list. I anticipate that we will release the remainder of the freshmen wait list soon. Thank you for your patience through this process.

  68. Hi, I’m applying as a transfer student and I’ve decided to attend umbc in spring 2014 instead of 2013. I wanted to now if I apply for fall 2013 and get accepted, will my acceptance still hold if I decide to register for spring 2014? Also in the academics section of the common application, do I need to fill it out because I already graduated from Montgomery college with an associates and I have already sent my transcript?

    I would really appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks.

    • Hi Chineze,
      If you would like to be considered for admission to UMBC, and your intention is to attend for the Spring 2014 term, you should apply for the Spring term, NOT the Fall 2013 semester. The Common App for the Spring 2014 term will be available August 1, 2013. As you complete the Common App, be sure to fill out all required sections.

  69. Thanks Josh for replying so quickly. I already sent my transript to umbc ahead of my application, do I need to send it again when I apply for the spring or will you still have it on file?

  70. Hello I am attending UMBC in the fall as an incoming freshman, and I need to take the math placement test. I remember registering for it earlier, a couple of months ago for 5/29- 6/5 but I never received a access code to take it. I leave for vacation on the 5th so I need to take it before then. Where do I get the access code?

  71. I am applying for Fall 2014 Honors College. Are there supplemental essays required? The Common App does no show any additional essay requirements even when I say “YES” to applying to Honors College.
    I cannot find an “e-residency form” on Common App-from UMBC website: “Complete the residency e-form located in the Help Center of the Member Screen for applicants seeking in-state residency for tuition purposes.”

    • Hi Kay,
      A writing supplement will appear if you indicate that you are interested in applying for the Honors College program. There is not a writing supplement just for the Undergraduate Admissions application.

      For the residency form, if you’ve selected that you wish to be considered for in-state residency, you will see a Help Center topic for the e-residency form. The e-residency form does not populate on the left side of your screen, the form appears in a link in the Help Center section, which is on the right side of your screen. The link will take you to a form located outside of the Common App.

  72. Hi! I was wondering if you could provide me with more information about the Meyerhoff scholars program?

    Do students who are accepted into the program have to dorm? or can they commute?

    • Hi Maria,
      The Meyerhoff Scholars program is for students interested in pursuing a STEM major (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), the students must have a strong interest in research, as well as a desire to pursue an advanced degree (Ph.D.) in a STEM discipline. For more information please see the following link:

      Regarding your housing question, Meyerhoff students are required to live on-campus.

  73. Hello,

    I will be transferring to UMBC for this Spring 2014 semester. I was able to submit my application today (10/31) and I’m hoping to be considered for the Nov 1 priority deadline. The common application says that I am going to be considered for the regular decision (12/15/13) deadline instead. Which deadline am I being considered for?

    Also, how soon will I hear back from UMBC regarding my acceptance? I’m hoping to hear back before December starts.

    • Hi Marianne,
      For Spring transfer students our two deadlines are November 1 (priority) and December 15 (final). However, the Common App will only show a Regular Decision application option, but as long as your application is submitted by November 1 it will be considered as received for the priority deadline. Only Freshmen applicants will see two application options (Early Action and Regular Decision).

  74. Good evening,

    I was wondering, if I am not applying to the honors college at UMBC do I still have to fill out the writing supplement? I am on the common Application and the writing supplement is blank when I click it.

    • Hi Thomas,
      The writing supplement for UMBC is the application to the Honors College program. The writing supplement is not part of your Undergraduate admissions application and only needs to be completed if you would like to be considered for the Honors College program.

  75. Hi! I was just wondering, after submitting my undergraduate essay on the common app for priority consideration, can I still response to the honors college prompt on common app after November 1? Thank you!

    • Hi Mary,
      Yes, you can separately submit the Writing Supplement to be considered for the Honors College program. The Honors College has a priority deadline of January 15, and for additional details please visit

  76. I was just recently notified (by mail) of my acceptance UMBC. However, when I checked my myUMBC account, my application status still showed “complete” and did not show the “admitted” option. Also, I can’t find where I can accept or decline my offer of admission. Is this because the website has not updated yet? And can someone help me find where I can either accept or decline the offer of admission?

    • Hi Samantha,
      First, congratulations on your admission! Second, we’ll be updating the myUMBC status of Early Action admitted students soon. We want to provide a little time for our Early Action notifications to arrive since we consider our letter the official notification, but if you would like to respond to your offer of admission online you’ll be able to do so soon. Thanks!

  77. Hi, I am applying as a transfer student to umbc for fall 2014 and I have a couple of questions.
    1) I sent my transcript in 2013 before my application, do I need to send it again or do you still have it?
    2) On the common application, I want to change the semester I’m applying for from spring 2014 to Fall 2014. How do I do that without losing all my information?
    3) I have been out of school for 3 and a half years now. I tried to contact my previous counselor at Montgomery college, but unfortunately discovered he had passed away. I have not been in contact with any of my former teachers since graduating. So who else could I put as a registrar and an academic evaluator on the Common Application?

    I’m sorry for all the questions, but I would really appreciate all the help you can give me.
    Thank You.

  78. Hi Josh, I left some questions for you above, I would appreciate all the help you could give me by answering them. Thanks so much.

    • Hi Sarah,
      Yes, freshmen commuter students can park on campus. The parking on campus is zoned, with specific parking for commuters and residential students. First-year residential students are also allowed to bring their car to campus.

  79. Hi
    My son was declined admission for fall 2014 undergrad program, and was asked to take 12 college level credits (possibly at a Community College) so that his application can be reconsidered for Spring 2015.
    My question is does he need to retake the SAT also and if so what score he needs to achieve for Engineering Majors? Secondly, what should be the GPA he needs to maintain for the 12 credit hour classes he takes?

    • Hi Tim,
      Retaking the SAT is not necessary. If your son updates his application to be considered for the spring 2015 semester as a transfer student we expect that he enroll full-time (12 or more credits) at another college or university for the fall, as we want to see how he performs academically as a full-time college student. It would be preferable to see a 3.0 GPA or above for his fall coursework, ideally without any grades lower than a B.

    • Hi David,
      Scholarship offers, as well as offers of admission to the Honors College program, would be sent separately from the admissions letter. Merit scholarship offers are sent to students being offered a scholarship about 4 weeks after the admission letter.

  80. Hi, I am applying as a transfer student to umbc for fall 2014 and I have a couple of questions.
    1) I sent my transcript in 2013 before my application, do I need to send it again or do you still have it?
    2) On the common application, I want to change the semester I’m applying for from spring 2014 to Fall 2014. How do I do that without losing all my information?
    3) I have been out of school for 3 and a half years now. I tried to contact my previous counselor at Montgomery college, but unfortunately discovered he had passed away. I have not been in contact with any of my former teachers since graduating. So who else could I put as a registrar and an academic evaluator on the Common Application?

    I’m sorry for all the questions, but I would really appreciate all the help you can give me.
    Thank You.

  81. Hi! For first- year undergrad students, how many letters of recommendation are needed? Can one of them be my counselor and another one my teacher? Thank you!

  82. I had applied for Undergraduate Fall 2015 admissions through the Common application on 8th September 2014 along with a admission fee. I am yet to receive an email from UMBC with my UMBC campus ID so that i may create my UMBC account and check my application status. Please help Urgently. Thanks.

    • Hi Keith,
      Great to hear that you have submitted your application for the Fall 2015 semester. UMBC will begin downloading applications from the Common App in October, at which time you will receive the confirmation email from our office. This download will occur in early-to-mid October.

  83. Hi Josh! I received my letter today and it said that I got deferred. It seems that the wait-listed candidates will be notified in February. So I was just wondering if UMBC will be considering the performance of my senior year (at least 1st semester). I’m working hard to battle senioritis and I think I’m winning 🙂 UMBC is an amazing school and I hoped that I will get in!

    • Hi Aaron,
      Students deferred from Early Action to Regular Decision are welcome to send mid-year grades or additional test scores, but are not required to do so. You should not be discouraged by a deferral, our Early Action review is the more competitive application period. Many deferred students will be strong candidates for admission during the Regular Decision review. Best of luck during senior year!

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