Career Fair 2009

Suit up, UMBC!

Did you know that this past Spring a UMBC graduate was offered a job with Exxon Mobile with a starting salary of $90,000?  Yes, you heard me right.  The student had just finished up his Bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering and he was off to a great start.  He wasn’t the only student who was walking off of that graduation stage with a job lined up.  UMBC students do very well after they graduate for a variety of reasons.  UMBC students have access to Undergraduate research, internships and excellent faculty and staff.

Tomorrow the university continues to connect students with employers with the annual Career Fair, taking place at the RAC (Retriever Activity Center)  from 11:30am-3:30pm.  During the Career Fair UMBC students and alumni will have the chance to meet with around 120 companies!  Just check out the link and tell me you wouldn’t want to talk with the folks from NASA or T. Rowe Price.  Yep, UMBC students are still going strong.  Good luck to those UMBC students “suiting up” for the big day tomorrow!