It’s Time to Hit the Road!!!

Hello Future Retrievers,

It’s the time of year where I will be hitting the road again. There have been a few changes in my territory assignments, and I will no longer be traveling to Pennsylvania and New Jersey. I won’t be able to walk through Kobe Bryant’s shrine at Lower Merion High School nor will I leisurely be able to walk on Princeton’s campus and feel like I’m at Hogwarts (secretly hoping I would run into Harry Potter).


But, I am truly excited about my new territories! If you are a student attending a school in Montgomery County, Prince George’s County, and Baltimore County you might see me walking down your hall ways or at your local/regional college fair. Feel free to sign up and come chat with me about ALL the possibilities you could have as a Retriever if you see our UMBC poster hanging in your school’s Guidance Office/ College Career Center.

I can’t wait for this new adventure, and I hope to see you all soon!!!

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Before I went on the road, I heard stories from the UMBC Admissions staff about all of the people they met and all of the fun they had while on recruitment travel. I thought to myself, “There is no way that you could have that much fun while driving from one high school to the next and standing at college fairs all night long. There’s no time to have fun.” Boy was I wrong! I have met so many wonderful people. I have been able to absorb any and all knowledge passed my way whether it is from seasoned counselors, new counselors, guidance counselors, or principals. Every person told me that this profession is all about the relationships you make . . . and to never eat alone.

I have made some amazing relationships with admissions counselors across nation. We all have the same personality for the most part. We are a bunch of extroverts who love interacting and helping people. I mean of course we do, we’re all in admissions! So overall, I am having an amazing time on the road. Being able to cultivate relationships with people has made this chapter of my life very rewarding. You never know how these relationships will benefit my future.

Below is a picture of the group counselors at the end of one of the PACAC college fairs. The University of Massachusetts Amherst counselor had to fulfill one of the requirements for her office’s travel challenge, which called for a “selfie” with the most admissions counselors in it. Hope you enjoy!



Back to School!

At this point in September all of us are back to school. Maryland students have been back a few weeks now, and as Jersey girl I know a lot of the north east waits until after Labor Day, so I think it’s finally safe to say—Welcome Back to School!

For UMBC students that brings Involvement Fest, getting to know your roommate, and checking off your book list. For admissions counselors it means scheduling high school visits and college fairs! So, high school students, if you want to learn more about UMBC but aren’t ready to take a road trip, find out when we’re coming to you!

Check the NACAC website for your local national college fair. Or, ask your counselor, “When’s UMBC coming to visit?”

Don’t worry non-Marylanders—we have counselors who go to New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, D.C., Virginia, and a little beyond!

And of course, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram, and read our blog posts. All of us will be sharing stories from the road so that you can keep up with us!

See you out there and Happy Semester!

How To: College Fair

Last week I was traveling up, down, and across New Jersey to attend a variety of college fairs, and as I was watching students arrive by the busload, I thought to myself, “this seems really overwhelming!” So I am dedicating this blog post to navigating the college fair!

1. Know the schools

Whether it’s a national college fair or a local one, the hosting organization always posts the list of participating school in advance. Check the website to get the full list. If this is going to be your first fair, take a step to identify your priorities; is a specific location a requirement for you? Or, are you after the program of your dreams and you’ll go anywhere to find it? Visit the school websites to find out if they match your priorities. You can always visit the NACAC website to find a national college fair near you!

2. Make lists

Most fairs last about two hours and have hundreds of colleges and universities, which means you cannot visit every single booth. Use your priority matches to identify your must-sees. Then take the time, maybe even with your parents, to make a list of questions. They could either be general questions that you ask every school, or questions that are specific to each school.

Extra tip: even general questions should be more specific than “can you tell me about your school?” The answer to that question is “yes we can.” Try developing a question that will get you the information you’re looking for.

3. Plan to get and give information

Some fairs will require you to register in advance. NACAC fairs, or national college fairs, will use your registration information to make you a barcode. Counselors will scan this barcode and it will give us your name, address, and grade level so that we can send you more information. Smaller fairs will rely on the old-school inquiry card, where you must handwrite all of that information for every school that you are interested in. This is where I shout-out to the student that I met at the Monmouth County College Fair and share with you her genius: print your own address labels and stick them to the inquiry cards.

4. Ask for directions

At the large fairs they provide you with map as to which school is at which booth; bust out your list of priority schools and plan your route. If they do not provide you with a map, ask how they schools are arranged; is it alphabetical, by location, or random? Then go straight to your top schools. After you’ve spent time with them, feel free to explore, there might be a school you hadn’t considered before.

I hope you’re able to use these tips in a way that works for you!