‘Tis the Season for Orientation!

Hello all my Retrievers!


Today marks the very first day of Summer Freshman Orientation 2016! We are beyond excited to welcome you all to the House of Grit and your new home. We have decked campus out in black and gold for you, the campus is buzzing to meet its newest additions, and the faculty and staff cannot wait to start working with you!


School spirit is in this Summer Orientation!

So what can you do if you are still waiting for you orientation? Check out all the action on Twitter! @UMBCorientation has the scoop on what’s happening all over campus and be sure to check their hashtags. You can also visit orientation.umbc.edu for many helpful tips and tricks including what to bring, how to connect to the Class of 2020, and meet your OPAs, the Orientation Peer Advisors, at http://orientation.umbc.edu/meet-your-opas/.

Make sure you meet your new classmates, make connections, and get excited for the Fall Semester!


On behalf of the entire Retriever Community, welcome to UMBC Class of 2020!


New Student Day!!! Woot Woot!!

Good Afternoon Future Retrievers!

We are two weeks away from one of our favorite events of the year; New Student Day!  The invites are out and you can register through your myUMBC account.  Be sure to use the registration code sent in your invitation.


We have a plethora of fun activities for you and your families throughout the day. You will have the opportunity to attend information sessions, meet current UMBC students, take a walking tour of the campus or a special interest area, and cheer the Retrievers to victory on the track. The Campus Activity Fair is an opportunity to learn about student clubs, intramural sports, and Retriever Athletics. Additional workshops are offered as well to learn more about becoming a future Retriever.

I want to congratulate all of the admitted students! We can’t wait to see all of you Future Retrievers on Saturday, April 16th!

Remember, you can always stay up to date and find out what’s going on with the Office of Undergraduate Admissions by following us on our social media sites @UMBCadmissions!



Admissions Hits the Road

© UMBC Creative ServicesAs May 1 approaches at a creeping pace, newly admitted students have been visiting UMBC’s campus to meet with faculty and staff, check out the dorms and facilities, and ask us lots of great questions.  We’re always excited to talk to students and help them decide what college or university is best for them.

For a slight change of pace, instead of hosting events here on campus, we’re taking the show on the road next week!  Representatives from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions & Orientation, the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships, the Honors College, and Residential Life will host events in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.  You can find out more about these events and sign up to attend here.

We hope to see you there!

It’s decision time again… your turn!

Today is the last day of March! That means that, starting tomorrow, we can say “Memorial day is next month!” which means it is pretty much almost summer. Yippee! Ok, maybe I’m jumping ahead a little bit. But I am sure there are some of you out there who want April to just be over with, because it can be a stressful month in the life of a high school senior. You know how we admissions types talk so much about making admissions decisions? Now, it’s your turn to make the decisions. It’s time to choose a college.

You’ve done the hard part. You have diligently completed assignments from class projects to term papers for the past (almost) 4 years. You have taken the SAT or ACT… or both. You have submitted applications to the colleges that interest you and (yay!) have been admitted to some of those schools. Graduation is within sight. So with all that behind you, why does it seem like NOW is the most difficult time of all? Ohh, right, it’s time to make the BIG decision. I hope, for your sake, that you are a better decision-maker than I am. I mean, seasons change while I read the menu at a restaurant and obsessively review all my options. You could grow old waiting for me to emerge from a dressing room at a store as I deliberate my potential purchases. So as you can imagine, April of my senior year was pretty dreadful. Of course, I barely remember it now, which makes me think I blocked it from my memory. I’m sure it’s for the best. All I remember is feeling like my whole life was at stake. So yeah, I know. Deciding which college to attend can be hard. It feels like there are a million factors that go into the decision. I would tell you not to let it overwhelm you, but it probably will anyway. Just try to focus on the good stuff. Imagine yourself as a college student– moving into your residence hall, choosing classes, making lifelong friends. Chances are, wherever you go will end up being the best place for you. That ended up being the case for almost everyone I know.

Since you are reading this blog, I hope that means that UMBC is still in the running as one of your top choices. If you haven’t visited our campus yet, please do! You owe it to yourself to make an educated decision. Spending time on campus is the best way to really get a feel for a school and to see whether or not it is a good fit for you. We have an event coming up that is just for students who’ve been admitted to UMBC for the fall: New Student Day, which takes place on Saturday, April 12. All admitted students should have received an invitation in the mail with details about the program and instructions on how to register—if you didn’t, let us know! I strongly encourage all of you to attend New Student Day. It will be fun, informative, and exhausting. Think of it as UMBC 101. You will have the opportunity to meet UMBC students, staff, and faculty from lots of different departments and organizations here on campus. We will also be offering workshops, campus tours, and tours of some of our most unique facilities. You will have the opportunity to check out art exhibits here on campus, as well as a UMBC women’s softball game or a men’s lacrosse game. Basically, you will get to spend a day in the life of a UMBC student and see what makes this school tick.

For now, I will leave you alone to ponder your options. Check back soon and I’ll let you know what steps you need to take once you make your decision. Good luck!

Odds and Ends…

With Spring Break right around the corner(woohoo!), my thoughts are scattered in a million different places (i.e. spring recruitment travel, applications, up-coming programs and events, and my first trip to Phillies spring training!!!). So, this blog will be a reflection of my “scatter-brain”! Excited?!? I knew you would be!

To start, our basketball team is America East Conference regular season champs!! I know Josh already wrote a post about our amazing basketball team, but being a champion doesn’t get old. 🙂 And, UMBC’s Jay Greene is one of three finalists for “America East Men’s Basketball Fans’ Choice Player of the Year” (what a mouthful!). The winner will be announced tomorrow (March 6) and the results will be posted on the America East website. Check it out, http://www.AmericaEast.com

Next, I’d like to extend a big congratulations to Philip Graff, UMBC’s most recent Gates Cambridge Scholar. Philip was among an applicant pool of 600, and is one of only 45 U.S. recipients of the prestigious scholarship. Philip will follow in the footsteps of other notable scientists such as Issac Newton, Stephen Hawking, and UMBC alum Ian Ralby! As a Gates Cambridge Scholar, Philip will be fully funded to complete one-to-four years of graduate study in any field at Cambridge University. Best of luck Philip!!

Here’s a little pop quiz. What are UMBC’s colors?? Black and gold, you say?? Well, that would normally be correct, but currently UMBC’s colors are black, gold, and green!! Yup, green! I know, not the best combination of colors, but it’s for a good cause. UMBC is currently participating in Recyclemania, a contest that includes over 400 other colleges. Recyclables will be collected from bins around campus, weighed, and reported to the Recyclemania Headquarters. So, reduce, reuse, and most of all, recycle!!

Looking for something to do? Why not check out the IN10 theatre festival. The IN10 festival is being presented by UMBC’s Department of Theatre and features new theatrical works for young actresses and all audiences. Each performance offers four different plays and Thursday’s performance is free for all UMBC students. If you’re not a UMBC student, general admission tickets are only $10, which averages out to $2.50 a play (impressive math skills, huh?) . Hurry up and get on over to UMBC’s Theatre because the festival concludes March 9.

Well, that about does it for me. My brain has “scattered away” from blogging…