Congratulations to the Class of 2017!!!

Hello, Future Retrievers and Retrievers!

Next week, our graduating seniors will be walking across the stage and entering a new chapter of their lives. As we prepare for commencement, the UMBC community would like to honor our soon-to-be graduates for all they have achieved in their time as Retrievers, and the legacies they will leave as they take their next steps.

You can meet some of UMBC’s exceptional new graduates and our very own Undergraduate Fellow, Kaitlin Smith, by clicking here!

Stay tuned to find out how to watch a live feed of our Spring Commencement Ceremony on Thursday, May 25, 2017, at 1:00 pm.

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Fall 2011 Honors College deadline

In addition to great academic programs, UMBC offers a number of opportunities for students to enhance their undergraduate experience in and out of the classroom.  You could sign-up for a First-Year Seminar, join some of the hundreds of clubs at UMBC, attend a basketball game, participate in a social sciences forum or even just hang out in the residence halls with your friends.  Before you arrive to UMBC you can already start thinking about your interests what is available.  While applying to UMBC many students also consider and apply to our Scholars Programs and the Honors College program.

The Honors College, according to the program’s website, is “the destination for students who see intellectual challenge as a lifelong endeavor, and for those who seek a liberal arts foundation for their futures.”  If you are a prospective freshmen applying to UMBC for the Fall 2011 semester the deadline for the Honors College program is January 15.  The Honors College requires an application that is submitted in addition to the Undergraduate application.  If you are interested in the Honors College program I suggest spending time learning more about the program through the website.

As always, good luck with your applications!

Honors College website